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DC Television Thread


For @davidm


I almost mentioned " I know this does not mean you, David" Looks like I should have


I just wanted an excuse to show off that I have an Interlac font :wink:





Apparently, Forbes has never heard of spoiler warnings.


Who Framed Oliver Queen? 4 ‘Arrow’ Villains to Keep an Eye On


Not saying, but the song Billy, Don’t Be A Hero has been playing.




A new live-action series titled Metropolis will show us the lives of Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane and evil mastermind Lex Luthor prior to the Man of Steel’s arrival, Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment announced on Tuesday. The drama — which, like the superhero team-up Titans, will stream on the upcoming DC digital service — will go into production later this year on a 13-episode first season, with an eye on a 2019 premiere.

More prequel TV shows! Just what DC needs!


Wow. Awesome. Why they won’t just do a Superman show and be done with it, I don’t know. But between Smallville and the upcoming Krypton series I don’t think I need more Superman prequel TV shows. Granted, Lex, Lois, and Chloe (Lois-lite) were the only really good parts of Smallville.


Maybe before they introduced Lois. After that - superfluous at best.


Yeah, I mostly meant the first half of Smallville.


Ah gotcha.

That said, Lois and Clark’s whole dynamic was so good that it basically carried the second half of that show. Including the incredibly weak 4th, 8th, and 10th seasons.


Wow, I forgot that Lois showed up back in Season 4 of that show. But I mostly blocked all of that season from memory because it was trash.


Yes, yes it was.
But it gave us the golden scenes of Ma and Pa continually catching Lois and Clark in accidental innuendo moments.



The first time BL and his daughters were on TV: