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DC Television Thread



  • Saw it, liked it.
  • Saw it, did not like it.
  • Did not see it, liked it.
  • Did not see it, did not like it.
  • I Want My Maypo!

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Is it the same crap as the rest of the CW-y shows? 'cause not really interested in those anymore… =/


I’ve heard it’s not. I’m too jaded to check, but that’s the scuttlebutt.


I’m in the too jaded to care camp as well.
I just don’t want to watch anymore super shows.
*This does not include the new season of Legion.


Nice one, thanks for letting us know


For those of you who aren’t too jaded and grumpy, the CW seems to be doubling down on the 31st century. Interlac was used in both Flash and Supergirl this week. Imra was using it trying to fix the cruiser and Jenni was writing in a journal.

for those of you who are unfamiliar with interlac

It was great seeing Jenni again. that got to thinking it was be great to see her cousin too. Can you imagine Bart annoying the hell out of Harry. :grin:


That was cool. The whole episode was pretty good. Some of the effects were imperfect, but Flash has already outdone three FF movies. Even the Infantino Twitch!


COIE is a rubbish story.

It only works because of George Perez because of the stakes and the consequences, and because of the months of foreshadowing which were paid off. Take all that away (which you have to, or you wreck your television programming) and all you’ve got left is series of big, tedious fights.


I read COIE long after the fact and wondered what all the fuss was about. I can see why it ‘mattered’ to readers in terms of continuity, but as a story in its own right it’s not very good. Although the art is quite decent.




Then it’s perfect for the CW


My Interlac is rusty.


When I tried to read it several years back, I couldn’t get through it. I get it’s importance, but it was barely readable, at best. I’m sure it was exciting, to some extent, when it was first released…



What, they couldn’t get Dave Bautista?


Er… this Jax-Ur?


I think Hannah Waddingham has the wrong… er… everything…



Shame on you, davidm. Shame…shame…shame…shame…


Hey, if she’s willing to shave her head for the role, great, more power to her.


Also, don’t female Kryptonians have a different naming scheme?


I was gonna say something about that.