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Not fake news, but maybe six months old?

Man, the comics sites are desperate!


‘The Flash’ Episode 4.10 Photos: How Will Barry Get Out of This Jam?


I assume run in a circle really fast.


With Team Flash buzzing in his ear.


No offense, but I can see some higher up at the CW getting fed up one day at all the comic shows and a blood bath of cancellations will commence.


If the shows do well in the ratings (relatively well for the CW, that is), no exec is going to cancel them unless he wants to be fired. I don’t think superhero shows have reached the saturation point yet, although the obvious duds (Inhumans, anyone?) quickly get the hook.


Canadians will get Black Lightning on Netflix.
One week later (Jan.16th for U.S., Jan. 23rd for us).



This week’s episode of The Flash was disappointing. It all reinforced one complaint: Barry Allen is a fricking idiot.

Black Lightning, OTOH…oh, there was so much to love.


They’re doing Trial of the Flash in a rather shortened version. Don’t know if you read that run, but it was the murder of Zoom instead - and all a set-up. From what i gather, anything except DeVoe’s main plan is a distraction.


I never understood the logic behind doing a Trial of the Flash plot in the CW show. I mean, he sorta deserves to be locked up forever.


“We’ve always been criminals, Alfred. Nothing’s changed.”



Bravo Miqque. You win this time.


Pay attention to the third person in this new mid-season clip.



The only problem I had with the trial is that they didn’t try to show a defense at all, but that’s from years of watching TV detectives, crime scene investigators, lawyers…doctors…priests…cows (I mean eventually, right? Batcow rises!) miraculously solve a case at the last minute. It’s kind of refreshing to see a trial play out the way it seems it will, exactly as the show has been planning all along. The only scene I have a problem with is Iris being forced to seem like an idiot. The heart-to-heart talk was nice (and is inevitable for this show), but it really should have been set elsewhere.

But the cool thing, that the episode immediately pointed out, is that Barry is following in the footsteps of his father. It’s kind of the thing a TV show can do (or even a movie) that a comic book about the Flash can’t. I mean, the original comic had the arc going on for years! And only got to do it because the series was going to be canceled anyway. And it’s a also nice counterpoint for the TV show to not really have been able to do Flashpoint. It could do this, and not only do it better, but help the series level up dramatically, which when it’s done it before has always worked extremely well. That was mostly missing last season, so it’s all the better to be happening now, in a way the series really hasn’t done before.