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DC Television Thread


It’s been, like, 6 seasons.
I think the answer is clear.


Netflix have the UK rights to Black Lightning:

All the other superhero shows are on Sky, so if they do ever do a crossover, it could get confusing.


The last episodes before the Christmas break aired in the UK this week, so hello all, I’m in this thread for the first time in months.

I think all four Arrowverse shows have been a bit disappointing this year, especially at the start of the season. Arrow looked like it was going somewhere interesting with outing Olly, but swerved that and has been plodding along. I really don’t care about his attempts at fatherhood, nor evil Laurel. The FBI case is an interesting idea, but not having Dig be the Arrow again.

Flash picked up after a few rocky episodes (I was really expecting Barry to turn out to be John Fox or something when he turned up not speaking English in the first episode). I’m glad they ditched Julian, but I was expecting Anne Dudek to stick around. I want more of Jesse Quick, but they don’t even seem to know what to do with Wally, which is pretty sad. Iris as “team leader” is weird (does she not have a job as a reporter any more?), but they’ve actually managed to get the Killer Frost/Caitlyn dynamic somewhere interesting and Ralph’s great. Good cliffhanger for Christmas and it’s nice they’ve finally got a big bad that isn’t another evil speedster.

Supergirl’s a been a bit underwhelming too. The best bit of this series was the Supergirl-Reign fight at the end of this last episode. Well, other than Carl Lumbly as J’onn’s dad. That’s been pretty fun. I do like that DC shows always manage to fit in some legacy casting like that and managing to come up with something for Lumbly is nice.

Legends hasn’t been great again. Writing out Firestorm was a surprise, but given they never really know what to do with him in battles and still don’t use his proper powers, I can live with it. I hope Constantine sticks around long term - he’d be a fun addition.

Crisis on Earth X was an interesting cross-over, not least that they felt confident enough to rebrand all the episodes with that title. It’s a shame that Nazis feel like such a contemporary choice of villain. It was weird that they had Cavanaugh play Reverse-Flash again though - not least because there was a quote from him not long ago saying he wasn’t interested in being on the shows other than Flash. I assume he was a late replacement for the usual Thawne actor?

Oh and Barry’s wedding guest list was weird. Not inviting Jay seems fair enough, given he looks like Barry’s dead dad, which would be weird for all the non-heroes there. And not inviting the Hawks you can understand given the audience seemed to hate them. But no Jesse? How did Ray not rate an invite when Mick did? Weird. But that XS cameo was played very nicely.



That’s a bit of all right; after adding the shot of the Robin suit. Seems they’re up to some serious superheroing! Refreshing.


He said that at a panel during Toronto Fan Expo


I like the premise of Black Lightning, however there’s too many of these shows now, it’s impossible to keep up.


I suspect they went Cavanaugh mostly to help simplify casting where they could. They kind of already had…a million actors in that thing? Plus, Cavanaugh is the best thing about the Arrowverse, right? Sneak him in elsewhere when you can!







OK, that is frickin’ awful.


Absolutely horrible.

James Marsters was better than that.


Brainiac Blue. Damned greenscreen…




I feel for you, David. I really do.