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DC Television Thread


Don’t know if this is helpful or a pain or what, but there is a link to all 4 episodes of Crisis on Earth-X . Doesn’t want to work properly for me. Pop by the CW Seed and they’ll likely post it sometime today.







That was kind of expected. He will be missed though.The waverider is probably going to get more zany because Grey and Jax were calming influences and go to guys in emergencies. I wonder who is the new engineer


Maybe Wally West. Wasn’t he going to school for engineering or something before becoming Kid Flash?


so we see 3 rings. whose hands are they? 3 people have been mentioned as legionnaires but there were 5 tubes on the ship and none of the hands are green so it is not the traditional Querl. Imra says Mon-El(in memory of Kara who Imra worships) started the league so they have altered the history some. That most likely means that the 3 are not the original founders(Rokk, Garth and Imra) which would have been very cool. Also which founder did Mon replace? My guess is Garth because Mon can be a hothead and he replaced Garth as Imra’s husband.


Dammiit they’re wearing their rings on the wrong finger :angry:


Was it supposed to be on this finger:




That gives a whole new context to the phrase “flipping the bird”.






Supergirl airs for five weeks in Jan-Feb, takes a break, and airs the rest of its season from April-June.


Well, I already want to punch Main Guy, just from the first shot of that.

SyFy have been doing a lot of good shows recently, but Krypton is still a hard sell for me.



Can the ‘Arrow’-Verse Ever Write the Black Canary as a Real Hero?