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Warning: she’s only in one scene, and it’s not even clear if it’s her. Presumably Flash will follow up on it at some point.


The other theory is that character is one of the twins Barry and Iris (instead of Wally and Iris, which would now be all too weird) produce, and this one came back to be sure Daddy said the right words.


I think you mean Linda.
And both of them had twins. If Jay had ever had kids they’d probably be twins too. Weird.


I think I’m having a day off, and just gettin’ rollin! :smiley: Yeah, Linda, of course. Even though Barry’s been there first…





First look at Robin in the new Teen Titan tv show.


The fools, don’t they know it should be a back shot?


For some reason I was always assuming they’d just go with the Nightwing version of the character. I’ve not followed any news on the series at all, though.


Yep, both. As I take it it’s an older Dick Grayson complete with flashbacks. No word on The Bat.


So did I actually but I guess it makes sense since a lot of people only know the team from the cartoon, which was led by Robin in both versions.


Makes complete sense to go with Robin, just been a long while since I’ve thought of Grayson as Robin. That said, if the show is successful it wouldn’t surprise me if he eventually transitioned to Nightwing. Anyway, decent looking picture for what it is. Definitely looks like Robin.


I give him til the end of the pilot.
Perhaps forming his own team decides to cast himself anew.


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