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DC Television Thread



I’ve given up all the CW shows but I’m going to have to check this out, it looks fun.


This looks really fun. Great time to punch Nazis!




It’s funny because he’s punching with his left h…hey…waitaminute…since when does Cap wear his shield on the right and punch with his left? :open_mouth: Imposter!!! :angry:





Fool me five times, shame on me.



Now watching Crisis on Earth X

Here’s yer Justice League movie!


Crisis on Earth X introduces Jenni Ognats XS from Legion of Superheroes.

The first 2 episodes of this crossover were great. They did such a good job with all the characters. Sara and Alex, Grey and Jax, Ollie and Felicity, Stein and Caitlin had a nice scene.
The best couple of the night had to be Rory and Caitlin :wink: Conversely, the worse couple was the Fuhrer and her mate(Nazi SG and Evil Ollie).:nauseated_face:
LOVED the return of the original Reverse Flash (the Wells version of Thawne). I remember Tom Cavanaugh saying that Thawne was his favorite Wells to play.


Note to all super-people: Elope!


Just watched the first two parts of Crisis on Earth-X.
Very enjoyable, wish it was always like this.
Hoping it finishes as good. Tomorrow for me.


Sure she’s Jenni Ognats and not her mom Dawn Allen?

Nazi Ollie is the Fuhrer.


The biggest takeaway for me in this event is that it is wise for me to only regularly watch The Flash.



hair. skin, ponytail… She’s XS. She also appeared during the hour Supergirl normally ran which is starting a Legion storyline with Mon-El and Imra Ardeen. Dawn was never a member of LSH. SG was Fuhrer. She was the Aryan Ideal. SG has a conversation with Thawne about removing Ollie if he interfered with the big plan So She was the one in charge.


The Flash plays pretty fast and loose with characters, there’s a high probability she’ll be a combination of the two characters.


I know. but on Twitter it was mostly clear cut. You were either in the Dawn camp or the XS camp. I am definitely in the XS camp so i presented my case as strongly as possible.:wink:


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