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He did both.


Should ‘Supergirl’ Do More Flashbacks in Season 3?




Courtesy Cap’n Caity:


Hasn’t there been any good episodes of The Flash or Arrow in the new seasons

I’ve tried a few times to watch the first ep of each but I don’t really have the patience for it now and I’m finding it hard to justify the time to watch something I’m finding quite boring. Although I do still like the main cast.


I hear there are, but I always hear there are and this is the first time I’ve decided not to watch any of the shows. 4 years of pain was my limit.


Mr. Terrific looks cool.

But I will never watch any of these shows again!


I struggle with watching them all except for The Flash. I mean, I would watch a Flash show if it was just 40 mins of Barry Allen crying - which granted, it’s close - but Ralph Dibney has been a lot of fun this season.


When does he come into it?


Episode 3 I think. Possibly 4. He immediately shows up the Flashers to be uptight blowhards, it’s great!


It’s Episode 4:

And Barry’s kind of a self-righteous ass in it.


What a fuddy-duddy! Look, I put up with a whole lot of issues with bad art or bad writing or both to earn all those Brownie Points for knowledge of the Golden and Silver Ages. This is that kind of work! Not perfect by far, but I get more laughs and drama than in a dozen sitcoms. We here at MW are a knowledgeable lot, compounded by opinions. If you did not suffer Flash Season Three, I wonder if you really deserve some Dibny. How can you have some Dibny when you don’t see Barry weep?




I only still watch Flash cause of Tom Cavanagh… although that Jim Carrey wanna-be could be entertaining… or seriously annoying, we’ll see…


Then, you must have loved the Council of Wells.



Cavanagh was the best thing about the show. Not enough to keep me watching, but still.


@davidm Have you seen the latest episode of Supergirl? if you have, what did you think?

Mon El returns after traveling to the 31st century where they cure his issue with lead poisoning and he meets people named Querl[dox?] and Imra. Imra is dark haired and married to Mon.:face_with_raised_eyebrow: poor marks for continuity. but there are 4 more tubes unopened so what other legionnaires may appear in a later episode