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DC Television Thread


He was still around?


Second season of LoT as part of the Legion of Doom and in the “Infantino Street” episode of the Flash.



Can’t wait to see just how different they make her from Mary Cooper.


It’s Martha. It has to be Martha.


I thought Spoiler was a Batman character?


So was Ra’s but we’ve all seen what Arrow done with him.


I’d have to have watched Arrow to see that.


Slade Wilson says to keep an eye out for it.


Or Gotham. A truly Neal Adams/Denny O’Neil R’as, a bit on the maddened and crazed side. Quite happy with this season. (Strongly suspect R’as has more to do.)


Why did you say that name? Martha? Why did you say that name? WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME?


I wish the animation were more Mignolia-esque. I miss when the DC animated films were emulating the art style of the comics they were based on. It gave them more personality and identity. The animation here feels very generic.



This isn’t good:


You’re right.

That means Guggenheim is the sole one in charge.


No, it isn’t good.
But that’s an immediate reaction from wanting these shows to be good, and assuming we’ll see a dip in quality with a potential for disaster.

However (and lets hope this isn’t a severe over-reaction to minor incidents just because), if all the scumbags have to go through their day of reckoning, so be it.
All of them should pay. Liking the show should have no bearing.

(I’m not a fan of being tried in the media, but am a fan of truth coming to light.)

Who knows? Maybe someone steps up to the plate and take a chance.
I’d rather take that chance than hide shit.


Wow… There’s alot of news about sexual harassment scandals over the past few weeks involving big names in the Hollywood industry…


Holding judgment on this one. I want to hear from certain cast members - particularly Wentworth Miller (he’s got the best radar for such, better than most). Dunno. Got the feel that that particular bunch would not put up with that sort of shenanigans. (Reinforced by the rapid suspension.)


The Aquaman that never took off (if that’s not the wrong metaphor?);


Isn’t that Smallville’s Olvier Queen? =/