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DC Television Thread


Please no intergang.


The thing that bothers me is, what’s Superman been doing for the last 10 years? Because all of his classic villains are being introduced as if for the first time in Supergirl. I think Luthor is the only one they’ve allowed to have a prior existence.


This particular Superman? Couldn’t beat what’s-his-face Supergirl beat in Season 1? By, I think, talking to him?

This one may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer.




I watched the season premiere of Supergirl last night. Dark supergirl was not that dark. just hurt. She did not want to be Kara anymore because it hurt too much with her Mon being gone. of course that all worked itself out in less than an hour. Tom, I think you are used to disappointment by now so you shouldn’t be too put out about a possible Intergang. The new Kryptonian appears in a scene that could be passed off as a case of Mama exhibiting superstrength to save her child. Most disturbing to me is Next week’s teaser has Saturn Girl as a villain

My opinion is it is serviceable. Everyone played their part well. the DEI crew appear to be turning into alcoholics, IMO. I think Lena still has trouble grasping the notion that she is a Luthor(she seems to be a bit soft and reliant on Kara)


Thanks for the words of encouragement there, Rocket.

I did catch the premiere, and I can say without any doubts…it’s exactly the quality I’ve come to expect from this show.


I chuckled at the reverse politics. Obviously Supergirl plays with the female President and an oafish Speaker. Great way to use Cat Grant and spare Callista some travel. (I think she dislikes travel more than Whoopi Goldberg, and that’s an epic level of flight fright.)

Yup. Also goes a long way to explaining the emotional stunting that seems endemic; the very inability to recognize and grapple with basic emotions without considerable drama. Very clumsy, at the least. Supergirl can find a heartbeat underwater (which was pretty cool) but cannot figure out she’s going through some fairly basic grieving? Not too clever, there.


I was grieving too… Mon El was one of like two of the only reasonable characters



Oh, so Laurel is a villain now is she?


Still annoying.

Yo, is Felicity dead? And the other guy, whatshisname?


We have no idea until the episode airs.

(Amell is remarkably resistant to questioning.)


Spoiler in the link: ‘DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow’: Series Regular To Exit CW Series


The last season ended with a load of bombs going off, so someone is probably dead, we just don’t know who.


Guess that’ll save on the SFX.


Marcolm Merlyn is dead.


It’s a shame it’s not Laurel though.


As you know, E1 Laurel is dead, this is E2 Laurel, the Black Siren.


it is still the same actress, you could make her Kingdom Come version and it will still be the same.


:laughing: Saw her on Whose Line Is It Anyway? and … it was not a sterling performance.