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DC Television Thread


I stopped watching Arrow ages ago, and I can’t believe she’s still around. Laurel was a terrible character to begin with and nothing but a pain in the ass by season 3.


She’s dead, but they brought in her evil Earth-2 version.


Of course they did. image



I almost fanboy screeched out loud, LOL!


Only “almost”? :blush:



This sounds great but I am getting tired of these “LOSH” teases. in the comics, we see phrases dropped here and there. Irma is in Arkham, and now she is on Supergirl. That article says nothing about the 30th or 31th century. ARGH :rage:


I wouldn’t be surprised if they make her from “present day” and just use the name and similar power set without actually connecting it to the comics version at all, the same as they did with Mon-El.

Which I was completely fine with for Mon-El. He wasn’t my Mon-El, but the character worked really well in the show and it gave him a character arc that could’nt have worked at all with the comics version.

Though the article does say she’s from Titan, and I’m not sure how you square that with a “present day” character.


Make her fully alien, which is something they should have done in the comics ages ago.


Betcha Mon-El will be back either to participate in the crossover or be the reason for it. Definitely coming back, though.

And they gave us some Teri Hatcher. I never get enough Teri Hatcher in cape shows. (That sit-drama thing? Pass.)



Bruce Wayne finally becomes Batman on ‘Gotham’


I wish Gotham had gone with a tiny time jump between seasons. Like a year or so instead of the standard 3 months. Bruce has had very little training to justify his current status. Small nitpick, yes, but it still bothered me.


Yeah, that’s something they should have done - for practical reasons.

But I like the kid actors a lot so, I like keeping on their journey more closely


“Ears. I need … ears.”



Uh… that’s “Bat-kid”, surely? :confused: