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DC Television Thread


Unless it’s news of its cancelling, don’t care =P


So, just watched World’s Finest.

Whatever the flaws of the series - and it certainly has some - this is a quite brilliant episode. Everything about it works, even Lucy Lane is unable to sabotage it.


So finished S1 of Supergirl - that was a good finale, really liked both Non and Indigo’s fates - technically, they’re not dead - Non probably wishes he was.



Was Tom Welling actually silent about the suit up in the finale? Everyone knew the whole “no flights, no tights” rule the show had from day one. And everyone knew the series would end with him Superman’ing up to some extent. I’m not sure what there is to say. Unless it’s to admit that the no flights, no tights thing should have been ditched after Season 5 or 6 when they started introducing the whole damn Justice League and more and more of the show move to Metropolis. But I assume that’s not what the article is about.


Well there was this rumor that circulated for years that Welling refused to wear the suit because of the “Superman Curse”


The article says that the original plan was for him to “suit up” early on in the season finale, and actually be Superman for a large chunk of that last episode. Welling fought against the idea and got it changed.


Another article on Welling:


He would have been totally wrong for the part of Supergirl. Wrong colour hair.





Huh. Wrong colour hair :stuck_out_tongue:



Not orange enough.


Not hair enough.


Not alien enough.


Not tiny-costume-wearing enough.


Also, no real superpowers.



New Season 4 promo.
They’re really going all out.