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DC Television Thread


So, started on the first series of Supergirl.

Had a fun three eps so far. Not the greatest TV ever, but it’s great as light entertainment.


Just view it as light, don’t get serious, and there’s lots of good stuff. :slight_smile:


The first season, for all of its flaws, is light.

The second tries to be topical and gets…duuuuumb



If only if only


So Supergirl…

  • Kara, Alex, “Hank”, Winn - work fine. Olsen’s quite a neat departure from the norm too.

  • Cat Grant - The show’s constant equivocating renders her a needy psychopath.

  • Max Lord - This arse needs to die. Alternatively, make it so he goes crazy due to waking up in the ashes of his parents.

  • Cameron Chase - Total moron.

  • Non / Astra - Not exactly setting the world alight, Toyman had more personality.

  • Lucy Lane - Walking cliche.

It’s fine as light entertainment - emphasis on light - but some of the characters are really wonky.


That about sums it up.

Again, I don’t hate the first season - even though I am quick to point out its flaws, because at least it didn’t try too hard to obfuscate what it was…then season 2 goes insane and falls down a well that Lassie wouldn’t be able to find.


A 13-year-old Raven is younger than I expected, especially considering they dropped “Teen” from the title.


True, but it more easily makes her a “kid macguffin”


Better than her being the kid muffin.


For @Hank


sniff This is so awesome!!



ly good.



I’ll catch myself singing that song all the time.



So, watched a few more eps of Supergirl, 13-17:

Maxwell Lord - Egomaniac with paranoia to match. The kind of person you really want to declare their own state so you can hit with every kind of border tax, find an excuse to get hacked off over and then bomb the crap out of for … There’ll be a reason, building weapons of mass destruction would do.

Lucy Lane - Irredeemable, insecure shitbag. If the show wasn’t beating me over the head with the idea that she’s that this strong, confident character it would be less of a problem, as it is? As it is I expect a confident character to actually have some, she doesn’t. Oh, there’s lot of fakery there, but it all collapses pretty quick - the show’s going to have to do a lot of work with her to get her off the Shit List, as she’s ranking above Cat, another insecure, psychopathic narcissist.


You are closing in on feeling both satisfied and justified.


That describes so much


Yes, another Supergirl article: