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DC Television Thread


I don’t care why! Thank Rao!


I think a more realistic answer is “we ran out of ways to make her seem competent at her job”


Nor would I mind if they tossed “James” and “Snapper” while they’re at it.

I like Cat and what’s-his-name, the Toyman’s kid.


Jimmy and Wynn (Toyman’s kid) deserve their own spin off.
The rest can get junked.




‘Black Lightning’ Casts ‘Dexter’ hydrated potassium aluminium sulfate James Remar as Gambi

Are these people on drugs? :confused:




He was a fairly pointless character anyway, in a cast that’s already much larger than it needs to be.


Mate, he was an essential team-mate for Barry and totally vital to Caitlyn’s preposterous heel turn storyline, mate.


True, mate.


So he got to call people wankers, yeah?


He was useful! We found out Earth-2 also has Indiana Jones.



I’m not reading that article. That way I can preserve my fantasy that he spends 1000 years in the Phantom Zone and joins the Legion of Super-Heroes :grin:



Since you mentioned it:



Get that man a case of Gingold Cola!