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DC Television Thread


SEASON 4: THE FLASH’s Iris West (Candice Patton) and Flying Samurai in Downtown Vancouver


Is the answer that his show is actually any good? Because that’d be cool.


The trailer gives me hope that as a teacher and as a father it will mean he won’t be an over emotional pseudo-teen


Now what could they be making fun of here?


Love the series for the sheer fun and fact they know how to write a competent Superman.






I like a lot what they did with the S symbol there… it really looks like an alien thing, for the first time.


It’s not an S…On his planet, it stands for Hope. :wink:



Mostly a recap, but some new stuff at the end.
This is going to be great.


DC seems to be having one losing time with that “Last Son of…” business.

Seems to me when DC aliens come to Earth, they bring all their dang relatives!



Maybe it means that all her dark impulses come out and she turns into a villain. That will be surprising, because nobody has ever done a plot like that before.


The surprise is that Kara ends up acting exactly the same.


Additionally, Jane the Virgin star Yael Grobglas will slip into the role of DC villainess Psi, a formidable opponent capable of using her enemies’ minds against them. When she first meets Kara, the Girl of Steel will be affected in “surprising ways.” (Feel free to speculate what that could mean.)

Probably a Supercorp tease.




I haven’t read the article, but is the answer “we realised nobody liked that part of the show?”