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DC Television Thread


It’s not…well, not entirely.
It’s a pseudo-sequel.

Reiterates the original, but set farther along in the timeline so as not to cordon itself off.


Just figure it’s the FF done with no budget at all, in a time where cosplay was rude and savage, and the studios knoweth nothing. :laughing:


Also…just wanted to correct that reiterates doesn’t mean repeats, it’s like how the Death Race remake was told to be a pseudo-prequel? It’s like that.


To be fair, the makeup for The Thing was done by Optic Nerve, who went on to work on Babylon 5 and Buffy and Angel



Arrow star wants to take his show back to its comic book roots


I’m not going to read that article because I know I’m only going to be disappointed when it doesn’t mention boxing-glove arrows.


Haven’t they said that since…around Season 2?


To be fair, it is does reflect the character’s comic book roots to a certain extent. The character was originally a thinly veiled rip-off of Batman (with an arrow cave, Arrow car, kid-sidekick etc.). Arrow reflects the character’s origins by having the show be an attempt to do a spin on the Nolan Batman movies for TV.

Or am I being a bit cynical?


No, you’re not.
Arrow has continuously ripped off Batman storylines. Totally fitting if they’re trying to really harken back to the roots.


Erica Durance, famous for playing Lois Lane on Smallville, will take over the role of Kara’s (late) biological mother Alura Zor-El when the CW drama returns this fall, TVLine has learned. Alura, who made appearances throughout the show’s first two seasons, was originally played by Laura Benanti. (Benanti also played Alura’s twin sister Astra, who was eventually killed by Alex.)

“Unfortunately Laura, who Greg [Berlanti] and I have worked with for years going back to Eli Stone, was unable to continue in the role due to work commitments in [New York],” says executive producer Andrew Kreisberg. “But we are so blessed that Erica has come aboard to offer her own interpretation of Kara’s mother. We had tremendous success with a former Lois Lane last season with Teri Hatcher. We know Erica will continue the proud tradition of legacy actors joining our shows and creating new and exciting takes on classic DC characters.”





Elongated Man is coming to The Flash.

Because they can’t leave anything untainted


The one effect not done well so far is stretching. Plastic Man style would be easiest with current TV tech. Mr. Fantastic, done properly, suffers from elaborate set-up shots. But Ralph Dibny is a fairly interesting dude. And, since he’s a ginger, they will no doubt cast someone different from dipping into the neverending well of Gleesons.


Yeah, there’s gotta be something about gingers that DC-CW seems to decidedly not want to cast them.


Maybe they’ll kill his wife?


Nah, they’ll never have Sue.
That way they can keep him nice and quippy and inoffensively simplistic.