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Ranking the 13 Best Villains from the Arrowverse


Gotham did in three years what it took Smallville ten. It sure looked like a "We’re not sure about renewal, so here’s a pay-off for the viewers!"
It rocked.

And I bet R’as had his kid Sensei in that Pool in about one minute flat!



Making Isis into a futurist hacker…the CW is never going to learn.


I :heart: Mon-El


He should be playing Lex Luthor, damnit!


First of all, I really wish people would stop calling the character Static Shock. It’s just Static.

Second of all, Black Lightning and Static don’t need each other.


Tell that to the SOOOUUUULLLL POWERRRRR episode





She posted that yesterday - looked gorgeous and so did hubby. There was a coincidental part - right around when Danielle was tying the know, so was Nick Pitarra. He and Kelsey got hitched 3pm Saturday. (With many notes about how strict the Catholic Church is about wedding times! :laughing: )


On a less happy note:


Holy…my god.
I hope this all turns out okay.



I saw it years ago. It would be easier to do a list of what it got right…although that would make for a shorter article.


I used to own it. I really don’t think they got anything right.

Much prefer Corman’s FF!


I need to see that some time. I have a lot of time for Corman.


Death Race 2050 was fantastic.


I saw Death Race 2000 years ago, but didn’t even know that a remake existed.

Edit: Wikipedia tells me that there is a Jason Stathan Death Race movie…Okay. I’m going to have to check that out.