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That works for comics because those have long since been categorized by creative team “runs”, which is not really something you can use with tv shows. The Simpsons being the real exception to that.

I dunno, I dislike the idea of giving these shows slack because they are overall more boring than they are fun. I could respect something dumb if it was entertaining and well done, again - Gotham. Not a smart show, but it tries its hardest to rise above the mire sometimes. Flash revels in dragging out in the mire.


Fair enough. I know we have different bars for what entertains us enough to forgive its negatives, and I doubt that we’ll ever agree :slight_smile:


True, true, anyway…

iZombie seems to be reaching the crescendo of its third season. The main supplementary plot seems a bit weak, but the reactions from the characters to it are still well written enough to make it work. With only a 4 or so episodes left of the season I hope more time is taken out to develop it.


That’s a good excuse to post this clip again.


Manu Bennett (Deathstroke on Arrow ) posted this tweet in response to a fan question:


Arrow season 5 finale aired in the UK tonight, so I’m re-entering this thread, like Olly returning to civilisation after Lian Yu, albeit with less fake hair.

General thoughts about this year’s shows:

Legends s2: last year the show was fun in a crap way. This year it was just fun. Shame they clearly have no idea what to do with Rip, as they were kind of obligated to use him. I really enjoyed their use of Reverse Flash, Damian and Malcolm as the big bads. Good recycling of characters, especially Eobard, who we didn’t get see much of undisguised on Flash.

Supergirl s2: the move to Vancouver didn’t really adversely affect this. I like their Superman well enough and really liked Mon-El. Winn’s girlfriend was a bit crap. Original Hank calling himself Cyborg Superman made so little sense it was ridiculous. I’m all for Alex discovering her sexuality, but most of her stuff with Maggie was dull. The lack of Max Lord was a bit weird. Did he die last season and I forgot? I loved Cat instantly recognising Jimmy as Guardian. Snapper Carr is a passable character, but a misuse of the name. Kevin Sorbo and Teri Hatcher was fun stunt casting. Surprised they didn’t wrangle a scene between Cain and Hatcher though. I figured the thing in the tease for next year was Eradicator, but I’m not that up on Super things.

Flash s3: yet another speedster big bad was made a bit more bearable by the reveal of his ID. All the stuff with Caitlyn this year was naff - yet another toxic love interest and then the ridiculous powers make her evil nonsense. I’d rather see more of Jesse than Wally as Kid Flash, but whatever. HR was pretty cool and I hope we get a fourth Wells next season. Tom Felton spent half the season being the blatantly obvious mid-boss and then half a season standing around saying “mate” as every other line. which seems a waste. Adding Anne Dudek to the cast is a good move for the future. The last few minutes of the finale were pretty stupid - why does the speed force prison always need an occupant? Why is Barry so calmly going into it as if he always knew he had to when minutes earlier he was delivering wedding invites? (and yeah, all the stuff about how they feed prisoners in STAR Labs is one of those threads you can’t really pull or it all falls apart).

Arrow s5 - the flashback stuff was fine, but the way it tried to link back into season 1 was legitimately insulting. Fake hair and beard? I mean, ever since they cheated on the “five years on a desert island” schtick in season 3 with the terrible Hong Kong diversion, I knew it was going to be a cop out, but to so awkwardly reposition Olly into looking like a castaway was awful. Just fudge the dates (which weren’t given anyway) have him miss the arranged boat and have to wait for another one and legitimately end up dishevelled. They call Lian Yu a desert island, but it had pretty heavy traffic, so it wouldn’t be that implausible. All the stuff with Prometheus was ok (and a surprise reveal. I had stupidly decided to google Adrian Chase the week before, wondering if he was in the comics and saw he was Vigilante and thought I had ruined that surprise for myself, so him being Prometheus was a nice swerve), though got a bit repetitive near the end with “Where’s my son!” I mean, Olly, come on, he’s not going to tell you. Just secure him and go and look for him (like on the boat he clearly mentioned as he left Star City). I liked most of team this year, especially Ragman. (Ragman!). I guess he’s the only sidekick next year, what with all the explosions. I really thought the season would end with Chase manipulating Oliver into revealing his identity.

Oh and the musical episode was a bit disappointing. I was hoping for something closer to the Brave and the Bold Music Meister episode, where everyone’s made to sing, rather than a musical, pep talk dream world thing. I did love the Super-Friend song though.

Things I want to see next year: Resurrection Man! More Ragman. Impulse (they haven’t introduced a new speedster onto Flash in like two weeks!). Really want to see Supergirl do the Metropolis Kid version of Superboy. And I hope Arrow continues flashbacks next year with clips from season 1.

EDIT: oh, nice to see Slade back too, though I thought his actor was in jail, for some reason.


You mean the only character with a solid core.


That’s because his workouts focus on his abs.




God, I miss that show!

I wonder if anyone at Netflix or CW thought about talking to Alan Ball about creating a superhero show. His shows are unusual and probably risky, but both with Banshee and True Blood, he’s already kind of done superheroes.


Supergirl eeked out a great second season despite a boring boyfriend


I honestly didn’t mind Mon-El. He was a much better love interest/character than James, though that’s not a very high bar.


Every aspect of this title is wrong.

Hell, there were entire episodes where he was the one getting things done as well.
He was definitely the least of Season 2’s problems.


Good news for Katie Cassidy:


Gotham is great.
I know it’s had its misses in the beginning. but this season finale shows more than anything that it has matured into a very fun, very confident, show about and from comics. It doesn’t waste its source material or the themes of said source material by injecting needless melodrama or soap opera tactics, or socio-politics, it tells a story to evoke the mood of the comics - and this season finale…is so great.

It might not have quarter with those who are more invested in established/common canon, but I welcome Season Four: Year One


I’m pretty behind on Gotham (about 5 episodes to catch up on), but I’m pretty sure the show has all of those things. I guess you could argue they aren’t needless and service the story a bit more naturally than the CW shows, but Gotham is pretty much 95% soapy melodrama. And the whole Penguin for mayor story was straight up a Trump satire. Gotham might do a better job of embracing it’s campy melodrama as part of the tone of the series, but it’s still all there.

Admittedly, I’m up and down on Gotham. I think the villains are mostly great. Penguin, Nigma, Barbara, Jerome…they make the show. Gordon is insufferable and mostly a terrible person. I know season 3 has been about trying to redeem him, but he’s a man that should be in prison.

I manage to enjoy the show, but I don’t really think it’s a very good show. It’s just fun enough for me, but that’s about it. Obviously mileage varies.


It’s the type of melodrama that sets it apart.
The type in an episode of Supergirl or Flash is…well, it’s not about setting the tone of the show. It detracts from the show’s mood and atmosphere when it rears its head.

Here it is used to showcase the crazed, frenzied, lives of the characters and those who live in the titular city; In Flash and Supergirl, it puts the brakes to talk about their dating lives.

And the Penguin thing is barely a Trump satire and more just bouncing off the Batman Returns thing while adding to his role as a crime kingpin. Supergirl shouted off nonsensical rhetoric about the election everywhere it could./

Like I’ve said for a while, Gotham has the type of melodrama one would find in a comic…the CW shows just have the type you would find in a teen soap.


That’s fair, it does integrate all of the things more effectively than the CW shows do. It certainly has a more pulpy feel.


Yeah, and to be fair…Gotham takes a lot of liberties, but they work at pains to keep a momentum.
This two part finale was a goddamn rollercoaster ride of thrills.

I dunno, I think that it taking liberties shouldn’t be holding it back with getting the regards the CW shows get.

Can’t wait for season 4. They’re clearly not planning on getting a Season 5 so I welcome whatever they have to do to wrap it up. I know that they’ll deliver in most cases. And that it won’t struggle to maintain a central plot, unlike other offerings.