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I’d like to have Kara’s job.

Publish 3 mediocre articles and 1 outright unethical one…suddenly get touted as one of the best talents in journalism.


Plus get lessons from a fancified printer’s devil who seems to be operating on 1950 norms.

For a secret identity job, I’d pick night janitor with a high security clearance. Nobody pays attention to the janitor. A little application of super-power and the actual work is done, freeing one the majority of the shift and all day. Some kind of mannikin for security cameras. Access (the security thing again) to info - which is why Clark Kent became a reporter in like 1940. Live on that income overtly, have a secret lair covertly. Easy-peasy!


Nah, in CW-land they’d actually expect you to get stuff done.


Exactly! Super-speed and a danged robot!
Just like real life.



Thank god for that.


Ugh the whole flash thing was dumb as dumb can be. Why do they use time travel if they’re gonna do such a shit job of it? =/

Nothing in this last season made much sense, at all… tbh. So that’s another show that’s getting dropped like an ugly baby next season.




When did it become apparent that CBR was being written by a bunch of chimpanzees?
Cause, seriously, I don’t know how anyone could come to this conclusion


After being there and reading since inception, I shut down CBR a couple of weeks ago and deleted the links.


I think shortly after Jonah Weilland turned the keys over to the new owners.


Outside of the occasional link posted here (usually for upcoming solicitations), I don’t visit the site. It was my go-to site after Newsarama went corporate. Now, I really don’t have a comic book site I visit regularly.


Finished Lucifer S2 on Amazon. Was considering slinging it over in the general TV thread but they are sort of DC characters so…

There was one big, big flaw - the episode is about to end, so of course, in the final 60 seconds they throw in stuff out of nowhere to contrive a cliffhanger and, to no one’s surprise, it is total bollocks. I’ve more respect for a full-on Part 1 / Part 2, finale / opener combo than this last minute crap.

They also need to decide what the hell they’re doing with the Chloe-Lucifer relationship, either get 'em shagging or quit it with the will they / won’t they, it’s been done elsewhere. This 1 step forward, 2 steps routine they did got boring fast.

Overall, it was a good season, though by the end I was very happy to see Lucifer bitch-queen mother got rid of. Hell, it’s pretty clear by the end why God slung her in hell! Manipulative, callous, thinks only of herself, you could easily buy that she wanted the universe to herself. A good villain arc in the end.

Despite these criticisms, I still found it a fun watch and there was a good hook to watch the next ep. It’s why we blew through 18 eps across 4-5 days, with the finale only becoming a day or so back - we started watching it at the exact right time.

A highlight of the season was Lucifer going to hell and back to save Chloe, with Amendenial taking on a load of hospital security to make it work, with the tune Unsteady being used very effectively at the finale of that episode. There are times when the show surprises on an emotional level and that was easily one of the best.

EDIT: Added some spoiler effects as the finale ep was far newer than I thought.





Instead, Barry locks them away without trial in solitary confinement (without even a toilet, by the looks of things) in his private prison facility. I’m not sure how they afford to feed them, most of the team has no income. Heck, I’m not even sure how Caitlin and Cisco manage to feed themselves. No wonder Caitlin turned to crime.

There’s a lot on the show that the writers just didn’t bother to think through. I still love it for what it is, but you can’t think about it too much because everything falls apart. Just enjoy it as mindless fun.


Thanks but I have no idea who either Odette Annable or Reign are :smiley:


The prison notwithstanding Barry has still killed people. The show tries to have its cake and eat it too by having him be inconsistently “moral” about it.

I think that there is a place for mindless fun, Gotham is that for the most part, but The Flash is just sorta…bad. Generally bad.


Yes, that was a very noticeable trend in the early episodes – though possibly only significant to comics fans. Non-fans (including the writers? :wink: ) probably won’t have had the same reaction we did, whereas to us it was instantly jarring – what the hell, did Barry Allan of all people just kill that guy???

Then I think they (the writers) got themselves sorted out and got a handle on what Barry’s ethics should be, and he stopped killing casually and started agonising about it – but by then it was too late, that horse has bolted and it just makes his subsequent moralising feel a bit hollow.

You kind of have to forget the few early deaths and pretend they didn’t happen, the way that you have to try and forget stupid stories by bad comics writers who don’t know how to treat your favourite character (and we can all name plenty of those over the decades).