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Her, apparently:


I’m going to make a wild prediction that the villain called “Reign” but is played off like Doomsday.


What is Jon called when in costume? and Kon is returning. Besides, did I ever tell you the story about meeting Kitson and Waid and how their Legion book got sidetracked by having to change the name to Supergirl and the Legion of Super Heroes. I know your love for Ms Benoist… but that is a bad idea. as mildly enjoying as the shows as, keep them away from the comics, they would only bring them down, IMO.


I don’t think they should change the comic to be like the TV show, but there’s no harm in piggy-backing on the publicity by using Supergirl, and Supergirl is already established in (most versions of :wink: ) Legion continuity. Waid & Kitson may not have wanted to use her in their series, but there’s no inherent reason why she couldn’t work in an on-going Legion title.


Won’t happen for at least another year though, since the Legion seem tied into the larger Rebirth storyline.


Might be bad news for Sanvers shippers:


She really added nothing to the show. And they wasted the few things she could have.


Uh… OK.

I’m pretty much convinced S2 of Flash should have ended with ep 18, with Zoom being defeated for good. At least smash his kneecaps, twist his ankles 1080 degrees so he has to work to heal them. Better yet, chainsaw a leg off - yeah, recover from that!

The eps that followed were, well some were all right, it certainly slapped a big brake on the story. Zoom’s schtick became crap very quickly, as did the other metahumans. Come on, seriously, start killing the bastards. Oh you knocked out Evil Laurel? Great, now take a knife to her throat and she can wake up to see herself bleed to death.

But the worst bit has to be ‘let’s set up the next season really blatantly’, as Barry decides to change time… He just does OK? Yuck. Do not want.


Also, “Real” Jay is one of the worst examples of pandering I have ever seen.
Useless and serves no point other than to get “hype”


Forgot to say I did enjoy Cisko dropping in refs to both Fringe and Harry Potter.


Cisco would be 100% better without references.


My, we’re bloodthirsty.


Nah. i agree.
If you’re going to have Barry kill off random side villains without breaking a sweat over I think then have some consistency with that.

Because it become ridiculous when he agonizes over it later like he’s never done it beforehand.


One name on that list I definitely agree with.


I can hardly think of a character I do want to see again from either show.

At least Supergirl has Wynn and Jimmy playing Mr. Action


We’re talking of a very deserving case, remember?

But more seriously, from the start the villains have been very deranged and murderous which has had the story tying itself into knots to not kill them because logically? It’d be the best option. e.g. Mardon’s idea of how to solve his problems? Tidal wave on the entire city.

(If we’re being realistic, Batman really should have crippled the Joker by now - sure, Batman’s doesn’t kill, no, of course not, he just makes it so you wish he did. And I believe someone has done an analysis of the Arkham moves in the games that says, yes, this would happen.)


And again, Barry has had no problem killing the random bad guy. Even in season 1.


I’ve watched Flash S3 eps 19 to 22 over the last few days.
This season has been a bit of a rollercoaster for me, in that I feel it started really well and and I enjoyed quite a few epsiodes in the first half of the season.
It then dipped pretty drastically.

I feel they introduced the Iris death plot far too early. Although it did hook me back in, which I’ll come to in just a second, it got to the stage that for a whole bunch of eps in the middle it totally lost interest in that plot line because it dragged badly.

I never reduced myself to FF thru the way I did Arrow (see below) but there’s a few eps that had become background material while i was building stuff or playing with the kids.

Ep19 I found incredibly fun and it was all uphill from there. I loved the Savitar reveal. I don’t know if many of you worked it out, but I didn’t; (As I’ve said many times on here, I never try guess what’s going to happen next, because if I run thru all eventualities I’ll probably figure out something close to it - and I scroll past any posts that look to spoil or provide hints, or speculation.

It’s been a lot of fun - especially bringing Cold back and he and Barry’s mutual respect is a relationship I enjoy - but I’ve also found it very emotional and I had more than one tear in my eye as Savitar murdered Iris and the rest watched on helplessly.

I really like Iris as a character and I enjoy their relationship. This hit harder than I thought and its credit to the writers for pulling me back in emotionally enough to care, after they’d lost me a bit halfway thru.

The final 4 eps of season 3 are the strongest I’ve watched of any of the DC shows, minus the finale which airs in the UK this week.

This is all in contrast to Arrow S5.
It all started so well after a dismal S4, which is the low point of the entire duration of the show.
I was actually genuinely excited tuning in each week for about the first 4 or 5 eps, but it got less and less interesting and I’ve ended up fast forwarding through the last 10, watching just the recaps at the beginning and the last 2 mins of each ep and maybe stopping the odd occasion while I’m moving thru at 30x if I see something interesting happening.

It just went right off the cliff.


I agree that they introduced the death plot too early. Mainly because they have to act like there’s some real urgency to the deadline despite time having no real barrier in any situation that this universe has presented.

I think Iris was probably at her best this season, but the show has never really done all that well at making their relationship a well-rooted thing, mainly in part of how well they argued against it in the first season. And again in the amnesia episode here.


I just want one of those magical jobs so many characters seem to have. You never have to show up, never get in trouble for lame excuses, can vanish for weeks at a time without comment, and apparently pull down a salary so great one can own a house and not even care who lives in it. As a junior CSI type you’re given a giant lab complete with skylights. Or you drive your company to bankruptcy and a hostile takeover but never miss a meal. Or a haircut.

And that’s really what it boils down to. Do all these people, super-powered or not, travel with a hairdresser? Future Barry what? Went to SuperCuts? How does Snart manage the precise cut? Work in the lab for two days, hair ain’t greasy and there’s no five o’clock shadow. In a secret top-security prison cell? Yes; apparently with a razor, mirror and skin conditioning lotion. Damned high quality food, medical care and exercise program as well, able to pop out after three years all healthy-like.