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DC Television Thread


That’s a disservice to the DC movies.

And nah…I think Flash is worse than Arrow.
Because people can defend early Arrow and this season of Arrow, and I’d see where they are coming from…but I’d be debating with people defending any season of Flash.


This is not true.

I have now pledged to destroy you. Our brief moment of agreeance is over.


You’re right, it;s not true…which is why I removed the maybe.
It is worse than Arrow.




Mick… I hear you’ve a problem, I’ve got a new Cold Gun to try out, just need a deserving target.


Oh, and hey, Cold’s appearance in the Flash episode was good.
It really highlighted how bad of a hero Flash is when Legends-era Cold has to explain shit to him.


Very much so.

Just finished the second season, which was an all-around awesome.

I will miss Vaughn Du Clark. He was such a brilliant character in his total lack of morals and, on the other hand, complete enjoyment of himself. The guy just had so much fun! And Steven Weber was fantastic in this role. I hope Weber gets another job on a series as good as this soon (he was also great in Studio 60).



As long as it shares no writers or creatives in common with the CW…then hell yeah.


Sure. And they’re probably the only ones who are.



I think it should have ended after season 2…


This should make @davidm happy:


Quite enjoyed the madness of the Arrow finale.

Stephen Amell is going to be on American Ninja Warrior Celebrity Edition tonight during “Red Nose Day”. ANW has taped in Denver the last two nights (they tape 8p-8a, a delight to this old graveyard shift worker). First we have this freak blizzard bringing 3’ of snow to some spots, which followed the May 6th hail storm (most expensive ever, $1.4B - yeah, billion, in damage). So ANW gets the two prettiest, calmest, warmest nights I’ve experienced here. And this morning I awaken groggily as usual, stagger to the loo, commence micturition, and wonder why it’s so danged loud. I wander out, we got a storm cell that likely poured over an inch of rain in like 20 minutes. Quite startling. Which is when they are breaking down the ANW set. Outstanding!


That could have worked, though I still like S3 and Aussie Ra’s, that’s where I think it should have ended - S4 really suffers from having to contrive getting the characters back together.

Meanwhile, I’m on the end run of Flash S2.

Does feel like they’re milking it now - Zoom suddenly manifests a new ability while going black-eyed? Er, yeah, I’m going with ‘Writers Pulled That One Out Of Their Backside’ because that’s what it felt like. Hell, he’s defeated, Baz? You know you’re allowed to kill a supervillain serial killer, right? Of course he doesn’t.

Pity, as the episodes leading up to this and the revelation of Jay being Zoom worked well.


You could sum up every aspect of Season 2 and 3 with that statement.

Barry only kills one-off villains.



If DC are really smart, they’ll time the new comic launch to coincide with this. And call the comic Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes (which I’d be fine with, now there isn’t a Superboy in continuity).


I still think that was unnecessary, and required a bit too suspension of disbelief for how he pulled off the deception.

Plus, I really liked Jay just as Jay.


Who? :confused: