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Supergirl Season 2 Sum-Up: A decent season dragged down by horribly handled and badly integrated political BS. And I say that because they way they handled it either made them seem hypocritical, not at all self-aware, or just pushing out buzzwords without knowing how to use them. They are some good things about the season, but those stick out more…and Supergirl herself continues to fall flat as an actual heroic character in key points.





Let’s seee…who saved the world? Lex, Lena, and CADMUS.

Who pretty much just threw punches that amounted to nothing? Kara.
They didn’t even make it her plan or something, or help to fix the invention.

She was so far removed from saving the world here.

Oh and I mentioned it before in the “Alex gets kidnapped” episode and the “She elbows an unarmed and thankful man” bit that she treats heroism very flippantly.



It’s not a fresh new look. It’s the same look as the dolls and the comics based on the dolls.


I think they’re getting redesigns. They just haven’t been unveiled yet.


Holy crap is that’s poorly written article then.


Speaking of…there are some interesting ideas in this season of the Flash, but most of it is a needlessly stretched out amalgamation of other story-arcs that did this idea better. And most of those arcs weren’t that great to begin with.


I have come to a hard truth about myself. I like the characters on Arrow. I like the flawed but but well meaning hero, the flighty IT wizard, and the loyal bodyguard/conscience. BUT… the people who write them have lost their way. I want to see Kevlar and Compound bows but they give me Tailored suits and soliloquies. I want to see arrows and fists flying but they give me psychotic masterminds and mindf#(ks. Join with me in praying that they realize there is no more need of flashbacks because the show is now longer than the years Ollie was missing from Star City & that Ollie should speak less and shoot more. Take more cues from Batman tv shows and show more villains of the week and less season long supervillains.


The Flash finale was fine up until the now-standard final ten minutes of next-season set up.

I hated that shit. Just quit while you’re ahead you damned Tv show.


I would’ve been fine with the ending if they had committed to the dilemma of dealing with trying to make a place for Savitar in their world. But no, they went the easy way out and blahblahblah evil, gunshot, etc.

And they have to stop acting like Barry is some righteous guy, he’s a total prick.


I don’t have a problem with Barry a characterization but the show often thinks it’s way more clever than it is.

It is not.


By definition, nothing is more clever than it is.


Again, I’ve always had a problem with this Barry’s characterization. From season 1 he’s been clingy, needy, desperate, selfish, hypocritical, petty, dumb…oh, and seems to think pain and darkness are why he’s a hero.

I can’t give a damn that he’s “trapped in the Speed Force”. It’s not emotional cause he’s such a douche.


Yeah but the show thinks it’s clever.

Like, you can tell what the show is thinking.


The show, most CW-DC shows, seem to think they’re being more clever or more emotional impacting than they are. Which is usually a none.

Meanwhile iZombie blows them out of the water, consistently.


All these shows are fun and stupid. Some do that balance better than others and, i agree, that iZombie does it the best.

I’m not changing the graph though.


That’s where we disagree.


Arrow is terrible.

It’s the DC movies of the DC television shows.