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DC Television Thread


Oh, well, yeah…it was a car crash. A horrible, horrible, car crash.


Nah, that’s Arrow S4.


Both are.

Seriously, Legends was terrible.
Hawkgirl forgoes the chance to kill Vandal to unbrainwash Hawkman despite the fact that it’s not even the direct reincarnation of her Hawkman. And then goes off with him, leaving his original reincarnation screwed and her future reincarnation screwed…and I’ve gone crosseyed.


Legends S2 was much better.


Oh, that’s what you referring to? Ok yeah, that was total balls.


Yeah, while it does have some glaring flaws, it does it more in a tongue in cheek way. So…there’s not as much overwrought stupidity. There’s still some. I’ll be shocked if you don’t hate Vixen as much as I do by the end of the season.

It was just a way of stretching out the plot…because they aren’t good writers. It’s not that hard a plot to do for the episode order they had. Also the “attack him from all points of time” wasn’t done very cleverly, but minor point.



It’s called Nevertheless, She Persisted…I don’t think any amount of bracing will be enough.


I guess they’ll kill off a major cast member, then.

As long it’s Wynn or James, I’ll be fine. Or Maggie, that would be ok too. Or Alex, J’onn, Wynn’s alien girlfriend, or Lena Luthor. Any of them are expendable.

Anyone else, though, and there will be trouble :angry:


As long as it’s everybody, I’ll be fine.
Except Wynn or James. They need to be alive for their spin off.


As with anything comicbook related, just because they have been killed off doesn’t mean they are gone forever.


Except for Eddie.
The only sensible character in any of the Flash’s 3 seasons.


It’ll be Cat Grant. Why do you think she showed up?

But they can clean house and get rid of that alien girlfriend for starters, and maybe it is time for James to go.


Hey, Maggie isn’t an alien.


So, 3 more eps of Flash…

Never thought I’d type this but Wally West, what a little git

Bye bye Patty - the Arrowverse really needs to improve how it writes relationships because it’s pretty much crap:

“Tell me you’re the Flash!”
“Yeah, sure, after some psycho near put you in a museum in an eternally frozen moment of time, why not? What’s the worst that could happen?”

Which is another issue: When you’ve rendered your villains so utterly psychopathic and serial killer, which Mardon is in Flash, that killing them is a really good idea, then you’ve gone way too far. The point of the Rogues, in part, is they are restrained supervillains, Flash has never done that element of them. Nor I guess will it as Cold’s dead.

It’s still enjoyable enough, as a quick, don’t look at it too closely watch, but under scrutiny it falls apart quicker than a script from the Moff!


It gets worse as Barry has killed before and then always acts like it’s a new concept to him.

Whaa? Killing? What is that?


Forgot to mention: Hamill’s great as Trickster.


Nah. He’s a horrible Trickster.
He does it well enough…even though it’s one note.
But a bad representation.


Too psychopathic and nasty? Well yeah, but that’s true across the board on the villains in most cases.


Just a one dimension “wacky” character obsessed with bombs. Has nothing to do with how dark he is and more to do with how…not at all Trickster he is.

Which is kinda silly given how his previous performance in the 90’s show was much better.