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DC Television Thread


I hope anything is good.
First impressions from that trailer: Looks like Luke Cage but not boring as hell.

Will it be not boring? Who knows?
As long as the characters don’t act like morons and there’s no melodrama.

That there’s less narration in the actual show, and that they set up The Whale and Blue Demon.


The “neon lights” of the suit come across as a bit silly.


The entire suit looks terrible.
The gauntlets are a good idea, but it makes him look husky.


In a Marlene Dietrich way?


In an Uncle Phil way.


…I had to Google that reference…I’m getting old. :disappointed:


I’m IN. I’m so bloody in!!!


It looks cool, I will admit…but I advise caution.
It’s still the CW.



They can always retcon it in later, like Supergirl did.


If it’s good, I hope they don’t


The start of season 5 is good - but it runs out of steam after about 6 to 8 eps



The CW Is Stuck in a Superhero Rut


I like the angle they’re taking with it. Gets a first-impressions thumbs up from me.



Turns out this is the Justice Lord universe :slight_smile:?


So finished Legends S1:

  • Did strain the plot that everyone forgives Mick and Sara’s murder sprees quite so quickly.

  • The Pilgrim ep was built around a good idea and they actually killed the bitch.

  • Taking on Savage was all well and good, until they got him. Come on, he’s immortal - you can’t kill him so break a few bones, give him something to remember you all by. He’ll heal yeah, but he still won’t ever walk right after you twisted both his legs 360 degrees. But no, he’s untouched so he can continue his bullshit.

  • The Time Masters being a load of arseholes was not surprising given all that had been said - did like Cold’s final words.

  • At least the finale got it right on the treatment of Savage - he was punched, kicked, roasted, choked, stabbed and electrocuted.

All in all, it was far from the total car crash I expected and it’s certainly ahead of Arrow, but then that doesn’t take much with Arrow S4. So probably returning to Flash S2…


Not even Hawkgirl not knowing how Reincarnation works?


Whenever the Hawk stuff turned up I tended to auto-tune it out.