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DC Television Thread


Her hypocrisy about time travel is nearly as bad though. Only nearly.


Yeah - I don’t nearly pay enough attention to notice that stuff, to be honest. I think that’s probably core to why I don’t really have a problem with these shows. I have a problem with Arrow though. Because Arrow sucks.


Arrow S1-2 is good, S3 worked as a blitzkrieg watch in 2-3 days - and Aussie Ras is hilarious at the end.

S4 however, yeah, it’s running on empty.


That’s because you don’t understand how Oliver has suffered. He spent 5 years on a hellish island for cryin’ out loud (not actually 5 years in duration…more like 5 years in or around a hellish island…but you get my point.)

Actually I would love to hear the Captain Cold version of that intro…

My name is Leonard Snart. I steal stuff. I’m very good at it. That is all.


I don’t know.

I’ve seen some flashbacks of that Hellish island and it doesn’t seem super-hellish. Also, it was really only sort of like 4 years and 1 year in Russia.


I think that there was a year in Hong Kong as well…Maybe Hellish island years are like dog years :smile:

Edit: I mock but I genuinely enjoy these shows, which admitting that they aren’t always very good (I still believe that killing was too good for Tommy Merlyn, the whining little git).


Wait … so there was like 2 years on an island, which, was like, kind of chill really, a year in hong kong, then another year on the island learning magical powers (for some reason) and then a year in Russia?

I don’t know… that seems overlong.


My name is Oliver Queen. I had a brief but reviving sabbatical on a hellish island and then did a lot of other stuff. Seriously guys, I went to Hong Kong and Russia and a bunch of other places. I even came back to Starling City for a bit. Now I have come back…or come back again I guess…to save my city…and other stuff.
Oh yeah…I have to become something else.

[cue title card]



Is Captain Cold in it?


In the version that exists in my head, he certainly is.


Messner-Loebs, I would say.


Isn’t that a bit too recent for you, David? ;


Wally West was my Flash.


Cold has been great since that old school story where the Rogues team up to kill The Flash and end up killing an evil universe one by mistake.


Wrong, it’s Tom Cavanagh… by far.

That said, I think I’m dropping all these shows… kinda getting fed up with the soap opera-ness of it all. Unless next fall is full of even shittier shows, I suppose… and that’s always a possibility :smile:


Hasn’t been good since he was Professor Zoom.
After that he’s not been entertaining, or as entertaining, and post-Legends Cold I’d place above H.R. or E2 Wells.


Him and Dominic Purcell.



It’d be more tragic if they had chemistry.


@Tom_Punk’s new favourite show :wink: