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DC Television Thread


Nah, Tim and I are of like mind on this one.


Nah, much like Heatwave’s constant heat puns and grunts before they started realizing get the best part of Heatwave is what’s going on in his mind, it seemed like an easy way to do something trite.


Completely disagree.

I liked that they explored their characters in Legends but that’s hardly what makes them so likeable - that the characters they’re playing are kind of cartoony is great - the delivery is really what makes it.


Who said anything about likeable?

Them rounding out their characters is what made them enjoyable. Entertaining.
I have nothing against goofy and silly, but he just wasn’t good at the voice. It was bad


Completely disagree.

The voice - the weird campness of it - is fantastic. Flash is not a high-brow show, and it’s much better when it diverts from it’s earnestness, anytime Captain Cold or Mick Rory show up that’s what you get. They’re fun diversions that play their characters to a tee - they may not be like their comic-counterparts but I couldn’t care less.


Again I think we are veering off course by trying to lower the bar when where the bar is doesn’t pertain to the discussion at hand.

The Flash isn’t a high brow show, yes, that has nothing to do with Captain Cold’s lines in his first appearances being delivered terribly. Miller just doesn’t sound right and when given more natural dialogue in Legends he shined.


Nah bro.

Miller’s probably one of the better actors on any of those shows - he’s clearly just having fun with the character and not trying to make him anything that the scripts don’t demand. I like that. I don’t mind the extra dimensions he gets in Legends, but that’s hardly why I enjoy his appearances - in fact, I sort of find that a little dull - I like it when he’s panto.


I’m not saying he’s a bad actor.
In fact my last post complimented his acting.

I’m just saying his initial dick dastardly voice was terrible.


It might be worth acknowledging that I haven’t seen series 1 of the Flash - but everything I have seen Miller in (Season 2/season 3 of the Flash, seasons 1 and 2 of Legends) has been fantastic.


I’d go along with the idea Miller has got better at playing the character over time.


Yeah - I’d easily accept that.

His latest appearances are just fantastic - like he’s just sort of amused by everything.


He overdoes it a lot in season 1.

It’s blt as prevalent in Season 2 and really disappears in Legends. Mainly, my complaints stem from Cold being a really great character. But the show does absolutely nothing with him until Legends - so the voice to me just became emblematic of the wasted potential.

And wasted potential could be the Flash show’s motto.


I’m currently halfway through S1 of Legends.


That first half is a real slog.

The show doesn’t really find it’s feet until season 2, when it starts taking itself a little less seriously.

That should, in general, be the rule of Thumb for these shows - but to also know when something is too stupid.


Aye season 2 is such an improvement. Season 1 is only worth it for Cold and heatwave.

Season 2 is rather fun except for some horrible plot lines.


Yeah - Legends sort of deviated for me - at certain points the balance of all the characters was great, but some of the over-all plot stuff was just dull. It’s a show that rests heavily on the character dynamics of the main cast.


Yeah. In season 2 the characters are written more kinetic but near the end a lot of their interplay gets ridiculously dumb. I’m looking at you Vixen. Screw her double standards.


Vixen wasn’t a great character but I’m willing to forgive her because she’s not the Hawks.


Strangely I haven’t found it anywhere near the horror show I was expecting based on the chatter about it.

Of course, part of that may be that I just like the idea of a time-traveling Rory Pond.


Seconded. He’s incredibly entertaining. Without that Cold would just be a generic tough guy. Miller just makes it all better.