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DC Television Thread


Yea SyFy’s been ramping up the quality… The Expanse iswell above the rest in terms of quality, but the rest are okay. I do enjoy 12 Monkeys and Dark Matter, even if they’re lower budget shows.

Not really interested in Krypton tho, but eh… we’ll see… The short season model should help in terms of plot at least, but the actors look a bit too CW-y…


That’s good to hear. I see that Killjoys and 12 Monkeys are on Netflix now.


The trailer above is gone, here it is again.

I’m pretty blown away by this. The design alone is fantastic but it seems extremely polished in terms of effects. It has a real sense of Flash Gordon about it, too. I really do hope it’s as well written as it is visually beautiful.


Have I ever mentioned how much I :heart: Supergirl?


Lois Lane just stabbed Supergirl with a Kryptonite dagger, and later on she stabs Hercules and kills him!!!

The movies only wish they were a hundredth as good.


That would’ve been interesting if they actually were the characters you mentioned.
But it is a better source of conflict than CADMUS has been, I’ll give it that.
Cause that went nowhere fast…and embarrassingly political.


They stole your avatar!


Cross-posting from the general TV news thread:


Warner Bros is making a big move in digital with one of its flagship brands. Warner Bros and DC Entertainment are behind a new, DC-branded service that will debut in 2018 with two high-profile comic book-themed original TV series: the live-action Titans, from the king of the CW DC universe Greg Berlanti, Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns, Sarah Schechter and Warner Bros TV, and the anticipated revival of cult animated series Young Justice, from Warner Bros Animation. It will be titled Young Justice: Outsiders.

The DC-branded direct-to-consumer digital platform, in the works for the past several months, marks the second major new service launched by Warner Bros Digital Networks — the division started last year with the mandate of building WB-owned digital and OTT video services — following the recently introduced animation-driven Boomerang. The DC-branded platform is expected to offer more than a traditional OTT service; it is designed as an immersive experience with fan interaction and will encompass comics as well as TV series.

More Young Justice sounds great, the rest of that stuff doesn’t interest me at all.


“I’m going to run into the future.”




The show already ran past dumb when no one has ever even proposed using time travel to fix the problem.
Like, say, hiding Iris in the future, or the past?
Or anything imaginative.

Barry going to the future alone for ideas is dumb because…it’s not a useful idea.


They don’t even need to hide her in another time zone. Just send her to Earth-2 on that day!


It’s even more stupid after Flashpoint.
They keep saying “the future can’t be changed” or acting like changing something is impossible.

But Barry just recently created ANOTHER timeline. And hell, the entire show is the RESULT of someone changing the timeline. Again, I don’t think much of the main DC/CW shows…for kinda this reason.


Honestly, I really like the show but it’s so incredibly dumb :confounded:


Incredibly dumb, yeah.

Speaking of dumb - Supergirl this week was surprisingly not dumb.
Both the show and the character :wink:

First, we get actual development in the form of Kara realizing that, yeah, she’s not a good reporter. But she and Snapper at least know that it just needs some cultivating and it led to a nice moment.
Although, and this is something I blame the writers for, Mon-El didn’t need to be the one to help her. It would have been a stronger statement if she had done the investigation on her own.

Since all of the leg work Mon-El thought to do, and Kara didn’t, makes her look even less capable.


Snapper is a great character and they should use him more. He fills the role that Cat had – an antagonist, but only to push Kara to be better. Nobody else on the show does that now because they’re all busy with their own distracting sub-plots.


I think he’s a lot more starkly blunt than Cat was, which I enjoy. A lot.
And I love this episode because it does settle the question of him as a voice of reason, after a few scenes here and there trying to discredit his stance a bit.

And nobody else on the show does that because they’re also too busy praising Kara as well. Hell, I did a double take when Ms. Luthor described her as one of the best reporters in National City. How high was she? Hahaha.

I usually like Mon-El, but using him how they did in this episode really undercut their message. Badly.


Got to assume Kara does a lot of actual reporting between episodes. Otherwise she’s filed, what, three stories in her entire career? :confused:


Oh wow, actually seeing those would’ve been cool.
Instead of…most of the main plots this season haha.


Or if only they had the power to even be funny :smile:

That’s sooooo not surprising tho. I don’t know who greenlit that show, but he should probably work in some other industry.