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DC Television Thread


So, once again, life has imitated art.


Would be so much better without Rip Useless Hunter.


Actually…this last episode proved to me that Rip doesn’t need the rest of the cast and their BS.
They’re only there for “plot”.

But I think LoT should stop having plot.
And focus on adventures.



I mean, come on, am I really the only one thinking that a season-long villain is holding the show about time travel back?

Imagine Quantum Leap if they spent a good chunk of a season focused on building some threat.


Folks, I give you Black Lightning:


You know if they did a reboot of Quantum Leap, he would be fighting an Evil Leaper all season.


And that’d be terrible.

Kinda like that Black Lightning outfit.
I have no idea why they’d choose him to break from their more simple costumes and into something eye gougingly garish,


It’s very Black Bolt though isn’t it?


Yeah haha.
It is.




This. After tonight’s season finale, i may be done with LOT. I like that they gave Sarah a bigger leadership role, but its Rip’s damn ship for god’s sake and these people really have no idea what they’re doing. For Rip to walk away like that at the end (if he really did for good) is moronic.


We usually do not disagree, LJ, but I loved every minute of it, and getting shut of that whining, moping not-very-clever wuss was perhaps the best part. Perhaps a cave somewhere he can turn into a time lab or something, and figure out how to grow a spine.

I also suspect leaving Darhk in Miami Vice times was a bad idea!


I enjoyed it - but I mostly enjoy the cast more than the other berlanti shows.

Is have no problem if it was just Sarah, Mick, Ray and Firestorm though.




Hopefully it will be Gotham level.
But I still don’t trust SyFy.


I like all of Syfy’s current shows that I’ve seen, except for that Van Helsing thing. 12 Monkeys, Dark Matter, Killjoys, The Expanse, The Magicians, and Wynonna Earp are all enjoyable to great.


Glad to hear.
The teaser is intriguing.