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DC Television Thread


After the lightness of the musical, last night’s episode of Arrow was like cold water being splashed in my face.


Now I have to post:




This is sure to piss somebody off:


The actress playing the new Black Siren probably isn’t pleased…


I was thinking more like haters of Katie Cassidy and/or Laurel Lance.

And in LoT news:



I just love Teri Hatcher and she wonderful as a wicked Queen!



I thought Katie Cassidy quit to do bigger and better things?

Her agent evidently gave her some really poor advice.


Somewhat similar to how Kristen Kreuk left Smallville. And in both cases fans were happy enough to see the characters gone since the male lead had way more chemistry with the nerdy blonde girl instead. Of course, in Smallville’s case, Clark had even more chemistry with Lex.


Who is Kristin Kreuk?



No… It was a…

Never mind. I’m fine with the response actually.


A Flash episode where the main characters aren’t complete sociopaths.
Well, Barry is still a complete dumbass…but at least they’re not emotionally stunted.

And LoT just reaffirms my belief that next season should have no over-arching plot.
Just adventures.




Legends is often pretty fun.

I think not having a lead means they dont get bogged down with lead character baggage.



…it was entertaining, but I don’t think this episode or season did anything extraordinary.

Unless they’re cutting out iZombie for being Vertigo.