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They’re dropping shitloads of red herrings in The Flash - the latest is that

Jay Garrick ends up as Savitar

I suppose that makes sense, and isn’t such a terrible turn of events.




Just watched last night’s Supergirl. I have to admit, with this episode and with the big crossover episode they did, I think it’s so freaking cool to see a Supergirl episode end with “To Be Continued on The Flash.” It just feels so much like a comic book, where it tells you that the story continues in some other title.



Some thoughts on last nights Musical episode of The Flash. (No real spoilers here, but, I will use spoiler tags just in an overabundance of caution.)

[Spoiler]So, I liked the episode. My wife, who does not usually watch the DC shows with me but has at least a very passing familiarity with them, loves musicals and watched it with me just out of general intrigue at the concept of it.

I thought it was cute. I applaud them for doing something different. We are (fortunately!) living in a day and age with SO many comic book TV shows and movies, you need to take a chance and do something different every once in awhile. Even if it bombs (which I don’t think this episode did), at least you took a shot.

My understanding of how this episode originated is that they realized they had Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist who had both appeared on Glee, as well as many other actors with Broadway or musical experience like Victor Garber, Jesse Martin, Jeremy Jordan, John Barrowman, and Carlos Valdes, and kind of felt they could not resist doing an episode where they call get to sing. Honestly? I think it’s freaking awesome that they did it.

My wife asked me after it was over “What do you think other nerds like you thought of this episode?” (LoL) And I can kind of see a lot of people maybe not liking it. Very little action, Barry and Kara don’t have their powers for most of it, and if you find the singing cheesy or lame then this episode will definitely not be for you. And, on the other hand, my wife who was watching it pretty much JUST for the musical element of it thought it did not have enough music! So, maybe they did not strike the right balance here.

But I thought the songs were catchy (come on, how much fun was that “Super Friends” song??), I definitely applaud them for doing something different, and I am even more in love with Melissa Benoist now that I heard her sing! LoL


I would love to know what everyone else thought of it. Did you love it, hate it, or just kind of “meh”?


I like musical episodes, but I feel it was just haphazardly done, and the plot didn’t need to be so segmented from the actual events of the regular series.
Nor did they really play with Music Meister, which just begs the question of why it wasn’t just another Mxy episode.


I had that same thought, that Music Meister could have easily been Mxyzptlk. If they hadn’t just used him on Supergirl, I could imagine them using him here.


In general I quite hate musicals anything. I would rather drill out my tympani with an ice pick. But there are a couple that are tolerable. I found this episode not tolerable but fun.

All the way up until that last song.


Barrowman is the only one I didn’t know could sing so good. I see I’m gonna have to hit YouTube.


So, she’s sticking around. I was wondering if they would tie up that storyline this season.


That squealing you hear? It’s the sound of a legion of Supercorp shippers rejoicing.


…the gay musical actor is the one whose singing ability surprised you?


I’d never heard him sing before.

And, to be fair, Victor Garber is a gay musical actor, too, and him, I’ve heard sing.


Jeremy Jordan was the one who surprised me. He’s got a great voice.


Hearing Victor Garber sing was pretty much the only reason Eli Stone existed.


Any excuse to post this again.


I haven’t watched The Flash musical episode yet, but I have seen Jeremy Jordan sing in a few things and he does indeed have an amazing voice.


I liked it but it doesn’t hold a candle to Once More With Feeling.

It was fun, though, and the Super friends song was cute.


OK, didn’t know Keiynan Lonsdale could sing, too.