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It’s so funny that Dean Cain and everyone in that link are now starring in Supergirl.

All we need is Lucy Lawless and the cast of Seaquest DSV and it’ll be 1995 again!


Hey, so Savitar is either Future Barry or Future Wally right?


I saw a theory today that he’s not real and created by Abracadabra.


Nah, Wally didn’t get trapped in the Speed Force he was sucked into the future.
Thus igniting his famous feud with Abra-Kadabra.

Anyway, it’s clearly going to be Future Wally or Alchemy.
Since they’re the two that Barry is using as “tools”/“means to an end” and are getting the brunt of his douchebaggery this season.


The problem with that theory is that the show does think he’s a douchebag.


Yeah, I didn’t say it wasn’t thinking he’s a douchebag.

And I don’t see how it thinking he’s a douchebag pokes any holes in that theory?


Sorry that was a typo. I meant the show doesn’t think he’s a douchebag.


I think it kinda does.
Maybe not in the real way he is, but I think he’s meant to be seen as callous re: Iris.


I suspect Savitar to be Eobard Thawne or Wally I find the whole “origin story” as reported by Jay Garrick to be hooey. Savitar itself is obviously emotionally stunted at about a 13-year-old level, maybe too immature for the Prime Suspect. What I think we’re seeing here is somebody stuck in the Speed Force equivalent of a time bubble.



He’s probably not Eobard but I guess he could be Eddie.

I still think Future Wally is the most obvious, and Julian is another possibility.

I think it’ll end up being Future Barry though.



Just saw the latest episode.
For people who have seen “Wrath of Savitar”, what do you think?
Also, at the end, why is Savitar so much slower than he used to be? Barry wasn’t even able to lift a finger on this guy before, but once Savitar was freed from the Speed Force, Barry was able to punch him?




A Michael Ironside appearance might make actually watch the show for a bit.




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