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DC Television Thread


Thought we’d try splitting this off from the films because DC now have a lot of TV shows and more in the works.

What Are You Watching? Infinite Season
The DC New Movie Thread!
What Are You Watching? Infinite Season

Keeping movies and TV separate definitely sounds like a very DC approach. :wink:


Yes exactly. :smile:


Gotham’s season finale is today. Going to be a blow-out.


I really enjoyed last week’s Flash. The Harrison Wells stuff is nicely coming to the boil and it does like Iris may be getting a clue!

There are two episodes left, right? They’re going to be pretty action-packed, it seems.


Gotham’s season finale was uneven - but it had some of the highest highs of the show so far.
I’m going to miss it so much.


Love Flash and Arrow. Couldn’t get past episode 1 of Constantine, and I never got around to Gotham. Which some say gets better, other say gets worse.


I’m going to enjoy dissecting this ep of Gotham for all the film influences. So far, I caught:
Little Caesar (Edward G. Robinson) “Top of the world, Ma!” remix with
Titanic “I’m King of the World!”
*all the Valentine’s Massacre movies (we knew that, right?)
Hang 'em High
The Godfather (oh yeah - Parts I and II)
The Shining (Kubrick/Nicholson)
Shaft (the first one. The Only One! I’m talkin’ 'bout Shaft! )

After last week I was certain that the season cliffhanger would be discovering The Cave. Now it looks like we have Bat-Daddy (as well as BigDaddy! heh) in a rather porous set of Bat-Clues. And after quite the River of Blood (oh come on! Like that was a spoiler!) we get

Tune in next Season!

Same Bat-Time.
Same Bat-Channel!

Actually the Cave is where Thomas Wayne stored his collection of obscure medical erotica.

WTF with Selina? Something weird here.

Not really all that fond of spoilers. This one for Mark to cuss under his breath as he reads with one hand and burps baby with the other when hung over at 4am! Hi Mark! I know - I’m banned now. :sob:

If Barbara Keane is still alive, it it okay if I kill her? Yeah, I know there’s quite a line, but that is one whacked-out chick. Nicholson “Heeere’s Johnny!” much?

Batgasm. :blowfish: :japanese_goblin: :black_joker: :cat: :cat2:

Anybody have some of the round Bat-Signal stamps?


I agree with you on their treatment of Selina. Especially several episodes ago when they made her a killer and Bruce an accessory to murder


The only thing I didn’t like was that the Fish stuff wasn’t as tightly coordinated or as focused as it could have been.


Both Constantine and Gotham got better, if you wanna check 'em out this summer =)


Don’t understand why they wouldn’t utilize the success of the CW universe in their cinematic universe. If they had cast an A-Lister as Flash I would have understood, but it seems very weird that they are going to have a relatively unknown very young Flash in their film version, when the show is the CW’s best performing series of all time.


So during the “two weeks later” Fish and Selina spent some quality time at the spa and hairdresser - without anybody noticing. Selina went all Grodd. Alfred lying with his face hanging out. (Like the Cave never got dusted!)

We definitely have not seen the end of Fish Mooney. C’mon, her name is FISH. How could she possibly die by falling back in the water? Also wondering about the remarkable recovery rate of just about everybody from some serious wounds, I get blown up by a bazooka, I take the rest cure for a couple weeks until the internal damage heals a bit. I also take a beat or four after being shot in the hip before I climb up on a high, thin wall. Stabbed in the chest? Oh, six months, and a personal nurse, please!

Canon says that Dr. Thomas Wayne indeed had a bat costume, and wore it exactly once to a masquerade party. If Gotham turns it into something on a more regular basis, I shall be disappointed. “The Batman” is supposed to be Bruce Wayne’s very individual tweak.



Jada Pinkett Smith isn’t returning for the second season, so Unless she returns for the third season, story-wise, she is very dead right now..

And I doubt that the Bat Cave has anything other than stuff relating to the general “Shit Going Down At Wayne Enterprises” plot.


I certainly hope so!

I just hope the stairs do not just lead to a private Bat-Room!


If anything it might lead to an Owl’s Nest
I mean, they took some notes from Snyder’s Red Hood Gang, it would be amazing if they brought that also in.


My God, man! I like the way you think!

Regardless, it is no secret to Alfie! Although why he acted as if he did not know the remote control - the Rich Billionaire Guy Version that has a battery that functions after years of storage instead of turning into a caustic sticky mess - was hidden in a book, Marcus Aurelius again, is a mystery. As is why he allowed himself to be stabbed in the chest after a very clear warning.

Makes me think!


Oh, of course - whatever is down there, Alfred has to be in on it somewhat. Maybe a little. But somewhat.
I can’t wait for the second season.

Riddler Begins
Joker Mambo

Emperor Penguin



Oh boy! I was so right!



Not a surprise, but CBS have officially picked up Supergirl:

We’ll know when/where in the line-up it’ll debut next week, when the networks announce their schedules.