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DC Talent Development Workshop


Iso this is happening peoples

From CBR

“DC Entertainment has announced that they are launching Talent Development Workshops
designed to seek out and give up-and-coming talent an opportunity to
show off their work. Jim Lee, Geoff Johns, Scott Snyder, Klaus Janson
and Andy Kubert all played a role in developing the two workshops, one
for writers and one for artists.”

“For those interested in the workshops, applications for Artists
can be submitted online between April 1 and April 30, 2016. Writers May 1- 32st.
The newly
launched Talent Development site also includes information for
applicants about the submission process. Both the Artists and Writers
workshops will take place in fall 2016.”

Thoughts? Opinions?


Have one published comic and a bunch of scripts. Sucks it needs to be published :confused:


also started a pre-workshop workshopping group to help everyone polish their submission package


Great! until I read that there has to be TWO published stories, preferably Comic ones…sigh, this such a catch-22…back to “The Write Off” :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it just has to be sequentials, and original work. Self publishing online should be fine


The FAQ says…

What constitutes published work?

We will accept material printed in a book, comic book, magazine, professional journal or newspaper, or an online publication INCLUDING self-published works of fiction.

I take this to mean that you could have self-published something digitally (i.e., on Comixology) and that is sufficient. And you have to have done two. Which means, in a few days, I will be eligible.

I guess. Otherwise, it wouldn’t make much sense to have a “talent development” program that is only available to people who’ve already worked in the industry. Or maybe I’m the only one that thinks that doesn’t make too much sense.


I would love to take a writing workshop with Scott Snyder.


Do you need to have writing submissions? Are they explicitly necessary?


Even though the FAQ says you can have self-published work, they are pretty explicit with this line:

“DC will only consider writers with current or past professional credits. We don’t consider DC to be a first career stop, but rather an ultimate goal.”


I’m sorry to sound at all snotty, this is purely for humor.

That line needs to be followed by the Church Lady saying,
“Well. Isn’t that special?


It makes sense, really. Still a great opportunity for a lot of new voices, either to comics or at all. I’ve heard a lot of mentions of webcomics, and I suspect they don’t want to go through a lot of raw scripts.


I’m having a bit of trouble uploading pdf’s and getting them to save correctly.
anyone else having any similar issue?

also I emailed this off to DC

I am unable to put my “state” as either Scotland or Dumfries and Galloway under my residence details in the application.

Under United Kingdom the only options given are English provinces

So Cumbria it is for now

Anyone else applying?


I am. Though currently I have an email out to support, because the site is refusing to email me the verification so I can log in. Much less upload anything to them. I didn’t realize at the time I sent the email that the artist deadline was last Saturday so I don’t have much hope of being responded to for at least a couple days.

Thankfully having the entire month to knock out the wrinkles is far better than had I waited until the last minute.

Good luck to you.


That first post should be edited to clarify that the submission dates for writers are May 1 thru May 31. Otherwise other poor shmucks like I was a few minutes ago will assume we missed the boat already…


Didn’t have any problem submitting mine, or uploading documents.


Yeah is sorted it. I just cut and pasted from the original DC press release.


DC clearly understand which is the most important part of the UK then :wink:

But seriously, good luck with the application.


I’m a little bit confused about what they want submitted. If you’re submitting a published comic, is it enough to submit a .pdf of the comic? Or do they want the script for that issue? I was just going to upload the finished comic rather than the script, but the What we look for page has really specific headers, that make it sound like they want you to cover and highlight a lot of particular things.


So for me I am submitting an unpublished yet solicited comic in the form of my millarworld annual work.
A pdf that consists of
full script
Editing notes
Coloured pages
And potentially final pages (haven’t got em yet fingers crossed)

Hopefully that will be more than enough.

I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be doing yourself justice if you didn’t do the minimum full script and final published pages.
That way they can see how you communicate with the artist and the final result.


Just a heads up for everyone.

The FAQ connected to the submission page, specifically states they want to see the finished pages, and that comic scripts will not be read. Reading this has definitely shifted my plans for what I’ve decided to submit.

Seems odd to me, but here’s this bit word for word:

> What constitutes published work?
We will accept material printed in a book, comic book, magazine, professional journal or newspaper, or an online publication INCLUDING self-published works of fiction. This DOES NOT INCLUDE any DC character fan fiction. You must upload a legible PDF less than 60 MB. If you are submitting a published comic, it must be the final PDF — we will not accept scripts or word docs. If you are submitting a screen or theater play, please provide proof of production (although distribution is not necessary). You can also upload a link to a video file as well.**

And a link to the whole FAQ, this question is 3rd from the bottom.