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***DC Superhero Christmas Ornaments***


Why did I not know about these? And why don’t we have Target in the UK?



That’s amazing! That’s what I’d planned on bringing you for Christmas and here you are posting about them.


(says Jim, dejectedly hiding the 8 x 11 glossy of himself in a Kick Ass costume he actually had intended to give for a present).:smile:


One of my favorite parts of the Chicago trip was watching you in Target, Chief. :wink:


Not only did Target have so much stuff, it was all so cheap too! Truly a scotsmans dream!

Next time Walmart.


I’d kill for a Superman one. :smiley:


You’re sending Millar to Target and Wal-Mart? What next? Dollar Tree and thrift shops?

Come to think of it, Dollar Tree have these compressed towels with DC and Marvel characters that would be great stocking stuffers …