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The latest news is Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl costume:

Which I think looks pretty smart.


Ok, so that didn’t work.


Let’s try this:


That’s the one.


A very conservative choice of design and material. I don’t mean “conservative” in the sense of modesty, I mean that it looks like every Supergirl costume ever drawn or worn up until now, plus a pair of tights.

Whatever you think about the last Superman movie, they did try to make his costume more “alien”.


Assuming that aliens don’t like primary colours, yes.


They did a lot more than dull down the colours David. :wink:

The suit was textured and finished to look like something other than just cotton or spandex for a start.


Latino Review/pinch of salt time… Warners want Chris Pine to be Green Lantern.


Hmmmm. I could actually see him as Hal. I’m surprised they’re not seeing GL as an opportunity to introduce a non white-male character though.


I could see Pine going to for it if this is real. Other than Star Trek, his career has pretty much floundered. He’s certainly not the movie star people predicted he was going to be after the first Star Trek movie.


Reynolds wasn’t the problem though, it was a horribly written script and a lot of unfortunate decisions, like going with full CGI for the costume =/ So I hope they put more thought into that and not into whomever they pick for a lead.

GL’s cast was actually rather good. And it was about the only good thing in the movie.


Chris Pine would be a great Hal Jordan.


Well yeah, he only needs to re-do his Kirk… Cocky, brash, fearless. Yup, that’s pretty much Hal Jordan.


I saw an ad yesterday for an iZombie TV show – I had no idea! Good for Roberson and Allred, especially as (I think) their Vertigo series got canceled.


They recast Aquaman and Cyborg will be around, so they probably feel pretty good about going with Hal Jordan.

Ugh, Hal Jordan.


And the show doesn’t look bad, either.


Apparently the latest rumours about Suicide Squad involve Batman being in the movie as a shadowy antagonist:



And the Arrow reel:

Looks like Arrow will deal with some of the issues I had with the earlier part of this season. And we’re seeing more crossover in the shows, particularly in Felicity, Ray, Det. Chesthair, and Joe.


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