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DC Legends of Tomorrow


Quick Question:

So DC’s Legend of Tomorrow is on Hulu. And during the first 5 minutes they say the world has been taken over by Savage.

I actually stopped watching there because my first thought was: so… couldn’t Superman or the Green Lantern just whopped his ass?




Well, he can’t be killed, other than by Hawkman or Hawkgirl.

Arrow thought he killed him, but even if there is on atom left, he will regenerate.

I was meh about this 1st episode. Hawkgirl’s acting wasn’t that great and it seemed a little lower quality and hokey than the other CW DC shows. I do like The Atom and would totally watch a show with Brandon Routh as that character (and do the Gil Kane “Sword of the Atom” story)…


They mentioned Batman and Superman in the episode, Vandal killed them.
It’s hard to have big name characters in these shows due to rights that are currently elsewhere.

It’s sort of the same question when the Avengers aren’t there in other Marvel movies.


It’s all time-lines. The idea here is that Rip Hunter is going to change that time-line, other Time Masters be damned.

I pretty much loved it.


I loved it, I never thought I’d ever see a superhero team show!


Okay. Gonna give it a go then.

Thanks for the replies guys.


In DC’s case it’s all with Warners so they could if they wanted to. They’ve said they want to keep them separate.


I thought it was shit.

I thought Professor Boardman was so awful.


Damn, ah well. I like the movies and TV so it doesn’t matter if there separate to me.


It was not terrible and it stayed away from the overt romantic melodrama of The Flash (which I do enjoy but sometimes it is a bit much). I enjoyed The Atom and Captain Cold is always great, I love the actors performance. Overall I think I am sticking with it, It isn’t as terrible as Gotham.


Can Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell please stop being so awesome as Captain Cold and Heat Wave?


They traded the prisoners’ costumes for superhero ones.



Who dies first?

My bet: Hawkman.

He can come back when he can deliver lines.


Surely I wasnt the only one driven to irrational epileptic hulk-like anger fits by boardmans acting?

I mean half the cast were bad and bad scripting aside, but boardman caused me to destroy a small village…

The acting-o-meter is as follows:

Captain Cold: Fun.
Heatwave: Fun.
Atom: Ok.
Rip Hunter: Ok.
White Canary: Passable.
Stein: Passable.
Ronnie: Bad.
Savage: Bad.
Hawkman: Worse.
Hawkgirl: Worser
Boardman: End of civilisation.


I agree with this.

But I will also say that it was at least structured better than The Flash and Arrow…but I find to be overall pretty bad.


Savage’s victory was in the future anyway, wasn’t it? But he’s a clever villain to feature, allowing them to time travel at will, because he’ll always be there somewhere. Clever writers could get a lot of mileage out of him alone. Also, a Chronos as featured in the brilliant 1998-1999 series.

As set-up, there were maybe too many characters to juggle. Hopefully future episodes will handle this better, because theoretically, they did all make a reasonable case for being there.


I caught this over the weekend out of curiosity. The prison break guys make the show, I could watch them in anything. Overall it’s more of a kids show I think, but for what it is I think it’s quite fun.


Welp, you win.



The big news for non-viewers is Oliver Queen with goatee, one arm, and Connor Hawke. Episode 6.

The concept of “fish” or “fishing” has become a theme across DCTV.


Finlly gave it another shot.

Its hard to like it.

The dialogues are so cliche that it hurts, the directing awful and the acting hurts the eyes.

I mean that shot where Hankgirl and man jump at each other to start a fight is ridiculous. And there are a lot of those around.

It could have been so much better.

And whats up with the voice of our Prison Break stars?

Birdman is better.