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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


The other part is likely given away in the featured cover as Darkseid’s daughter is one of only 3 people shown.


Sure and back when you started reading comics they never referenced any previous comics. My first experience of the new X-Men was Days of Future Past. Try justifying that as a standalone concept.


Hi David, I realize why you may be upset. They are not going far enough back. they are referencing 2016 books instead of 1973 books. thats ok. if you look at the cover, you will see Grail, who was in the Darkseid War. She is like an anti- WW, Darkseid had a daughter with an Amazon and that is Grail. Now you are caught up.

Darkseid War was a storyline from last year’s Justice League written by Johns and drawn by Fabok. It was a good story.


All David wants is a nice streamlined and accessible continuity-light comic like Legion of Super-Heroes.


Right on all counts but this one.


Was it the year before last?


Nah…it was just really bad.


I originally read that as “Right on all counts about this one.” :wink:


Hahah…sorry about the misunderstanding.

It’s just a very bland Justice League story, but also pulls double duty as a nonsensical Fourth World story.


For the benefit of David, in case he’s ever tempted to read it, I beg to differ on the above comment.


For the benefit of David, since we all know I voice opinions before explanations, here’s an explanation:

Despite being a central character, Wonder Woman’s monologues end up just blurring together, the main plot starters fizzle out, other running subplots are swept under the rug to haphazardly make room for Rebirth, and Fourth World canon is ignored in favor of new backstories that could be thought up by a third grader.

One or two of the one shots are neat, but fail to really factor in.


Weighing up merits of the case as presented by the advocates for both the prosecution and the defense, the court finds that @Tom_Punk presents a much more compelling picture of modern DC comics and has no option but to rule in his favour.


So when the LoSH return and they are advertised in similar manner, David is going to piss and moan in similar fashion and not read that book. Right?


I really enjoyed Darkseid War too. WW was a pretty important character in the book. The art was ace; and Johns’ writing was some of the best he’s done in a good long while.


Some of the best?
Creating a New God named “Möbius” is maybe the tritest thing he has ever written.

Oh, and pretty much everything in the prologue didnt even happen.


I don’t usually like Johns’ writing. I did on “Darkseid War”. QED.


One of two conclusions one could draw from that input. No doubt.

I think it just incredibly sloppily written despite some superficial goodwill



Thanks, Lorcan :wink:


People enjoyed the book, can you not just leave it at that?