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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


This sounds like it could be the start of a potential DC OGN line. I hope that’s what they’re hinting at.



I’m sorry David. I really should have known better. I was momentarily overcome by hubris. Won’t happen again. Honest :wink:

…one of my favourite bits in the Sandman Overture series was the little cameo by the Space Canine Patrol Corps. who are afforded the same status as the Green Lantern Corps. I loved that.


the only problem I have with those evil versions is the Wonder Woman version. I have almost always thought that those reversed gender stories were lame. I clearly get the vibe that these have to be one-offs. Are they supposed to be like all the Supermen Morrison used in Final Crisis?. I will wait and see but these books are not going to be on my pull list.


Given the giant statue we saw in the Forge, my guess is that they’re an engineered group.


I’ll probably buy all these simply because this whole event is giving me a boner.


I think doing these as single OGNs or prestige format one shots is a good idea. I’ve struggled to follow the ASB series month to month, this would be a good solution.

Now I know #14 is the last issue I’ll let these stack up and read in one go.


I agree. I dropped the series but would be much more likely to pick up an OGN of a similar story with the artistic talent that is being lined up.


The cover looks somewhat unfinished like there’s something that can’t be released yet.



You leave Kandor alone, Ronnie!


I’m sorry Kandor sucks. :wink:


DC’s September solicits are up in the usual spots, and collected in the Solicitations for September 2017 thread.

Identity of Mr. OZ to be revealed in September - CBR
Tim Drake finds out identity of mysterious cellmate in September - CBR

Solicitations for September 2017 (w/ Previews Text)


I am optimistic that Robinson will do the title justice. But:


Why? For the love of God, WHY??? Just tell me a goddamn self-contained Wonder Woman story, don’t reference comics I’m not reading before you even start.

Typical DC fail. And it was all going so well :frowning:


Oh no! Next they’ll be saying that they might refer back to the previous thirty issues of Wonder Woman. How crazy!

I thought you’d been reading the Rucka run anyway? Did that not pick up on the Rebirth and Darkseid War stuff?


I have (honestly) no idea what the Darkseid War even is, so I think the answer there is “no” :smiley:


[quote=“davidm, post:1924, topic:6952, full:true”]
I have (honestly) no idea what the Darkseid War even is[/quote]
I could probably have a good guess from the name.


Looks like I’ll be back on Wonder Woman from issue #31 then.

James Robinson’s work does range from mediocre to brilliant, but when he’s good he’s often very good. He’s got some very impressive hits on his cv and I even enjoyed the Scarlet Witch book he did over at Marvel, just the character wasn’t interesting enough for me with the amount of DC books I had on my pull list I had to drop some stuff.

I think DC is a better home for James and it’s interesting he is back after leaving under a cloud over the intereference that was ruining his very good Earth 2 book. I wonder if there’s someone at editorial who has left, paving the way for him to come back.

DC have been making a lot of good & sensible choices recently so I do wonder if the role of certain individuals has diminished.

I’m hopeful for this run. Wonder Woman is a hard sell for me, so it needs to be a really strong creative team to get me interested.


Is it that it refers back to previous stories or that it doesn’t go far enough back in the stories it refers to? :wink:


Ooo, nice team. Lupacchino’s deserved a big break for a while now.


I know why those stories have been mentioned - Robinson will be picking up the plot about Diana’s brother It’s arguably one of the better examples of sign-posting:

You don’t have to read these, but if you want to know where this came from, go here and here.