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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Apropos of nothing, it looks like weekly new comics threads have gone the way of the Western.


It must be hell for an artist to have to draw Tim, Dick, and Jason all in the same panel -unmasked. How many times can you draw a brooding white guy with black hair and make them distinct?


Different heights


And physiques.


we already know Nightwing’s got dat ass!


So are the Young Animals series all about to be canned? Now that they’re out in trade I was going to check some out but I won’t if they’re all basically dead in the water.


I don’t think so. Gerard Way was on Kevin Smith’s show plugging the trades the other day and was talking about expanding the line. It could be spin from him of course but I think all they’ve officially announced were some delays.


Damien’s a fun character, no doubt. But he’s a cocky, arrogant little shit, who you’d want to slap in real life.

He’s the Justin Bieber of the DCU.


Doom Patrol is still going. The next issue is just delayed a little to allow them to catch up. I read the first arc and really enjoyed it.


Spotted Some interesting creative changes for DC in this month’s Previews …

Rob Williams is down as writer for Action Comics 985 and 986. (With the criminally underrated Guilleme March on art).

Tim Seeley is down as writer for Hellblazer 13.

Not sure if these are temporary changes or not. I assume that it will be the case in Action. We’ve got issue 1000 coming up very soon and I’ll be very surprised if Jurgens is not still heavily involved for that.
I suspect this is down to Jurgens having produced a good 24 or 25 issues of Action in the last year and needing a break to get caught up.
The quality of his run has been excellent so far, a well deserved rest.
While I’d normally be put off by a fill in, Williams can produce some brilliant stuff so this isn’t really a negative for me.

I tried the 1st issue of Hellblazer lite and decided it wasn’t for me. Seeley however does horror very well and would be a good fit. If I remember I will pick this up.

Edit - I see Williams is also writing Trinity this month, I’ll be picking that up as well in this case. The previous team didn’t really do anything for me, in the same way their Flash run was a bit wishy washy.


I’ve seen a rash of fill ins. I wonder if it’s to give the creative teams a break after running them so hard for the last year.

He’s a bit hit and miss for me but I do like this tune. :wink:


Me too.

And Kara, obviously.

And Krypto.

But that’s really all–

Oh, Beppo the Super-Monkey, of course.

And obviously the Phantom Zone villains and all the citizens of Kandor. But really, we don’t need any survivors at all other than those.

Plus Dev-Em.

Other than all those, I completely agree with you.


Jeez. David…What do you have against Streaky the Super-cat? :wink:



Exactly. I could really do without any of that.


A common misconception, young master Jones, but I think you’ll find Streaky was born and bred on Earth. His powers come from exposure to X-Kryptonite, which has the unique property of affecting Earth natives.


Damn it Paul!`


Honestly, trying to catch me out on a question about Silver-Age Super-Pets :roll_eyes:



David, the original question was about super-clones, i.e. characters who took on the superman theme. there was no mention of Kryptonians in the original statement. so Therefore , it matters not that Streaky was an Earth cat, Streaky still had adopted the super theme. Your bit of trivia is interesting but not pertinent to the original question.


Not sure how I feel about this. There are a couple pairings that look interesting but I generally dislike having too many spin offs from an event. Hopefully, they’ll have more of a take 'em or leave 'em relationship to the main story.