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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Dinosaurs and lasers, according to Snyder at least.


Honestly Metal is the most full circle I could have come. Metal is the kind of summer event in the stories I grew up loving. That sense of bonkers, out-of-control DC crazy fun. Marvel usually has a bit more grounded elements. They can be a little more slow burn and then you’re in it. DC was always going, “Oh there’s this thing you never knew about from dark space and it’s coming near and it’s a ship filled with magic and it’s really bad.” I want that. I want that. I want Batman riding a dinosaur. Just out of control and when you open the book you’re a kid again.

You’re not going to believe the first images from it, the first cover just came in and it’s one of those things where you’re going to say, “I can’t believe DC let them do that.” I just want it to be like that. Balls to the wall and have fun. Surprise you. It’s not about who is gonna die. It’s not that. Spins out a bunch of new series and stories and celebrate how crazy fun comics can be this summer.

I want this to be like [Frank] Frazetta and [Jack] Kirby had a baby to a heavy metal soundtrack and it is like that. It feels almost like you can hear the soundtrack in the background. Everyone wants to play a rockstar and be out there and just shred. Who doesn’t want to see the Justice League in crazy space armor in a Mongol death pit fighting death machines? I want to see that!


Another interview, more of the same but this one delves a bit deeper in Hawkman, who is going to be a very important part of the story, and the idea of using the event as a launching pad for new characters.

Snyder has showed interest in writing a Hawkman series for some time. Given that he’s done with Batman after two more All-Star arcs, I suspect he may be writing a Hawkman Rebirth series following the conclusion of Metal.




Oooo. We finally get more about Mr. Oz. It sounds like it’s someone significant to Superman. I wonder if Ozymandias has been a red herring.


It’s Pa Kent.

At least that’s what people were guessing back during Johns’ small arc.


I’m positive it is.


Mr. Oz? I stopped reading after “Tim Drake returns in Detective Comics” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh, that guy. Why do we need 4+ Robins again? Maybe they should start a Robin Corp. :wink:



I am excited about that news too. But I am less than thrilled about the tease concerning the other prisoner, I just want Tim to go back to the way he was before he got captured.

as far as Ronnie is concerned, you shouldn’t talk with all the superclones running around.:rage:


I’d be fine if we went back to Kal being the sole survivor. :wink:

I do like Jonathan though. I’m fine with Dick and Damian too. I think Jason and Tim have some fun character history. It’s just odd that we have so many Robins and pseudo-Robins running around especially when connected to a presumably loner character.


One’s like your everyday Robin, one is for best, one is a spare in case the main one breaks and the other is an old, broken Robin that we can’t quite bear to get rid of, because you never know when it’ll be handy.


Robin’s whole raison d’etre is to be a gateway character into Batman’s world. But that conflicts, over time, with long time readers and creators who want to see the character evolve beyond the sidekick role. As soon as Dick grew into Nightwing, then a precedence was set for each of his successors to do likewise. But, there always needs to be a Robin - the enduring popularity of the different incarnations of the character prove my point. So, along comes a new one to fill the proverbial “pixie boots” of the departing elder.

Each generation has its Robin. Tim is mine. I like Dick (phrasing!), Jason and Damien, but they’re all lesser characters to me. But, everyone’s got their own opinion, depending upon when they started reading comics, and which Robin they were exposed to first.

It is crazy that DC, for a while there, tried to claim that Batman had mentored four Robins in a 5 year period! Thankfully, that’s kind of been quietly forgotten about with Rebirth.


It was over ten years, technically, but still ridiculous. I used to like Tim, what with him being Robin when I was discovering the comics, but when Damian appeared it really showed Tim up to be as dull as dishwater.
The only two robins to me are Dick and Damian, and one of those should be Batman anyway.


Tim definitely had the best Robin costume (the Neil Adams design).


Boo! What do you know? You like Cyclops post-Morrison too! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Tim is my favorite not because of he was my generation but He was the smartest, the one who most wanted to be Robin and also the only one that had to audition for the role. Dick was my generation but I have so much love for the Titans I completely grasped his transition to Nightwing so I never think of him as Robin. Jason was an unpopular dick who the fans got rid of and Damian isn’t Robin imo. He has no desire to be Robin.He wants to be junior Batman and filling the role because he views it as a step to accomplishing his goal. For Brits, it is like he is playing for an academy team because he wants to play for the EPL team.


I like Dick as Robin cause he got the name first, and the rest should’ve just had different codenames to begin with. Otherwise it’s just sloppy.

As for “sidekick in general” though, I guess Damien cause he’s the youngest. If you’re not the youngest, then it’s just creepy. Looking at Tim Drake there, arrested development much?


Up until Tim Drake, there was solid logic for why Robin needed to exist, which Jason helped demonstrate. Then later, someone decided Tim was better off being on his own, probably because he was such a success for so long in the first-ever Robin ongoing series, that somewhat illogically they gave him a somewhat separate identity, hijacking the Red Robin (I have no idea why Kingdom Come felt it necessary to ditch Nightwing) name and leaving the door open for Batman’s kid, who for all intents and purposes has been Jason redux but in an era where they don’t allow murder by popular consent. That Stephanie Brown still hasn’t been given proper credit for her time in the costume is kind of infuriating, and that her death remains buried in an arc that hasn’t become popularly known for her death…Yeah.

I don’t have a problem with any of them. I long expected Duke to become the next Robin, but that officially isn’t happening (except in We Are Robin). Have they given him a name with his nifty new costume?