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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Agreed, the cat’s out of the bag on this one (no pun intended) but let’s spoiler this stuff when it’s only a day to the comic’s actual release. I’m sure it’ll be all over the comics press but not everyone reads that.


And it never recovered - I took a look at the later trades a few weeks back and well:

  • Vol 3: Ends on cliffhanger
  • Vol 4: Blackman - JHW3 last story, sort of, cliffhanger
  • Vol 5: Andreyko gets lumbered with it, tries to finish off, but without JHW3 art

The whole thing stunk to high heaven then and now.

But hey, this time it’s, er, “proper” marriage so no problems, right?


Thanks Gareth. Nice pun also.


I don’t know how I feel about those spoilers. Annoyed, mostly. It’s not a direction I want to see either character taken in, to be honest. And, yes, the spectre of future cosmic Dr Manhattan induced handwavium does cast doubt on the whole affair.

I do know that DC did screw up Batwoman massively back in the day. It went from a top tier book to worthless literally overnight. Thankfully Tynion and Detective Comics eventually came along to redeem the character.


Huh, I don’t mind them being in an actual serious and lasting relationship, even engaged. However getting really married would be silly and probably won’t happen.

Is Talia still dead, btw? She’s the other only candidate who’d fit for a relationship with Bruce, I guess…


Huh? When did they kill her off?


End of Morrison’s run


Gah! Can you believe that I still haven’t read the final issue? :disappointed_relieved:


I hope they do get married. It’d be a great way to revolve he character.


Been a while, must have forgotten that detail.


Especially considering how well Supes is doing with his married status quo.


Reginald Hudlin’s next comic:


I don’t expect much, the writing talent on the one shots are spotty


She was up and running again in the pages of Robin, Son of Batman. She and Damian got along insofar as they were fighting a common enemy. Handled very well.


Here’s an interesting Wired article on Gerard Way and Nick Derington’s Doom Patrol. It looks like the trade was out this week.


Beginning on August 25th, DC Comics will release Bombshells United as a weekly digital first title. Bennett will return to write the series and will be joined by a rotating team of artists– many of whom are veterans from the first Bombshells series. This new series will continue the adventures of the bombastic heroines fans have come to know and love with some poignant changes that will make the story more resonant for the challenging and historic times that we live in.

Indeed, the first arc of Bombshells United is all about failure– in particular, America’s failure to protect the rights of up to 120,000 Japanese Americans when the national government imprisoned them in internment camps for the duration of World War II. In Bennett’s exploration of Japanese American internment, she casts Cassie Sandsmark and Donna Troy, two characters who have carried the Wonder Girl moniker, as second generation Japanese Americans whose friends and family are being held against their will. While Cassie and Donna are not Japanese in the mainstream DC Universe, according to Bennett, these are her universe’s “definitive versions” of the characters.



I’m really getting excited about this whole thing. Can’t wait for Dark Nights: Metal.



I just hope it all ends with Hawkman smashing his mace into someone’s face.


So, Question: That’s just the preview, so what’s the issue going to have to top it?