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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


I get your concern, but I think Rebirth and this are courting two different audiences have totally different aims. Rebirth is about back to basics, while this is about forging another path for new characters.

People will gravitate toward them for what they seek, and I doubt would see them as one or the other.


None of those creators were on the DC Rebirth books, anyway, were they? I’m sure that Snyder will continue on with All Star Batman, Kubert is too slow for anything twice monthly, hence Dark Knight, Rocaforte was at Marvel. I guess they’re losing Tony Daniel, and JRJR…but I suspect they’ll be back eventually.

But the twice monthly shipping of a lot of the main line rules out a lot of this talent (JrJr the exception).

Major kudos to DC for framing this as an artists first ‘line’ of books. I wonder if they’re all being written Marvel style.


Something good always ends up coming from these experiments so I’m looking forward to it. I like that DC always takes these risks… as long as “taking risks” doesn’t mean throwing away your entire history and legacy, of course :slight_smile:

Besides, putting star creators on the books is a really smart move. They’re giving this the A treatment and want it to get attention.


I caught up on the digital-first DC Bombshells comic. It’s a lot of fun.

It takes a while to get going; the opening issues are a bit too scattered before they pull the storylines/characters together, but it gets better as it goes. It also leans a bit too heavily on Joker’s Daughter as a villain at times, and I’ve never liked that character, here or in the New 52.

The artwork is mostly great too, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Mirko Andolofo does on the main Wonder Woman book in July.


Steve Orlando actually remembers Val-Lor and the Day of Truth :slight_smile:

Has there been any other writer of the modern age who’s used that bit of lore?


I’m going to dock him half a point for going with “Kryptonian” rather than “Kryptonese” though :unamused:


Kryptonian just rolls of the tongue better.
They should say Kryptonese when they roll back Power Girl into the JSA Rebirth.


Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps: Sinestro’s Law (TPB vol 1, collects Rebirth and #1-7) - it has been a long time since I’ve read a GL comic (since Blackest Night broke my enthusiasm for the series, I think), but I picked this up on @SimonJones’ recommendation. It was very enjoyable (thanks, Simon!).

I’m not a Hal Jordan fan, and he was his usual, arrogant and annoying self here. Some things never change. But, John Stewart and Guy Gardner had plenty of screen time too, which was nice to see. Guy’s always fun! And, it certainly scratched my itch for epic sci fi action.

Art wise, Van Sciver drew 3 of the 8 issues collected here, and they were alright, although not his best work. The other issues were drawn by Rafa Sandoval, and those were amazing. He’s got the sort of great, clean, expressive style that I like. And, the colours were amazing. They really helped the art pop.

For those who have read Venditti’s earlier GL run, would you recommend any of that?


I’m delighted you liked it.


I like this Vendetti run, but I didn’t enjoy his new 52 once so much. I ended up giving up on it pretty quickly.


Did you read the New Gods crossover?


Read it, can’t say I was a fan of it.


Really? That’s a shame. Sounded promising. Looks like I should just stick with the current series then. Thanks, guys!


I don’t think so - but I genuinely can’t remember, sorry Vik.


It went along quite well then collapsed at the end.

I’ve found Vendetti’s X-O Manowar run over at Valiant to be great though.


It was awful. Really bad use of the New Gods.

Black Hand was fun though. So if you’re only interested in the GL side, check it out.


On the train this morning I read the first Detective Rebirth trade (934-940) mainly due to hype on this thread. What a waste of time that was. There was very little I liked here. The villain twist made me groan and his base was like something out a James Bond movie. In fact he pretty much was a Bond villain. Tynion did nothing with the script/story to suggest he’s anything close to being ‘a creator on the rise’ and the art was your generic superhero fare.

Next up I shall be trying Aquaman and Titans. I’m already afraid of what I’ll think!


I’m sorry you didn’t like it (@Vikram’s recommendation won me over and I ended up enjoying it quite a bit).

I have been reading Aquaman and enjoying it. I thought it was just unpretentious superhero comics. I wasn’t quite as taken with Titans. I liked the Titans Hunt book that came before it though.


Boooo! Just as I was thinking there was hope for you too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Sorry you didn’t like it.

But, glad Simon did!


I think that I said it upthread, but I liked the sheer simplicity of the idea - A superhero team made up of Bat-characters.