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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here



That sounds like a load of horseshit speculation.


Was that the hardcover or TPB, Ben?


I never thought the lawsuit was a problem, the trunks still were showing up in alternate stories such as Adventures of Superman, DK3 which is currently being published or even the Convergence Superman mini that brought back the Pre-Flashpoint Superman to current continuity.


TPB which has only just come out, the OHC isn’t due until September.


Yay! Glad you enjoyed Detective Comics, Ben - love it when my recommendations pay off!


Exactly. It sounds like speculation from someone who will only accept a costume with red trunks on the outside as being “the real Superman” when in reality it was only done because of how horrible the printing process of the day would have rendered all blue pants. Every issue of any comic with Superman also now acknowledges the “special arrangement” with the Siegels.


It seems sometimes that DC dosent know what to do with their top tier artists if they don’t have a Geoff Jonhs book to put them on.

I believe they had Ivan Reis on the Cyborg monthly for awhile. I can understand trying to boost sales, but it felt like a waste to me.


Yeah, Ivan Reis is one of my favourite DC artists for sure. What’s he on at the minute? I haven’t heard his name for a while.


There are two types of Geoff Johns story. One of them plot focused; the other, character focused.

When he writes a character piece, Geoff’s often amazing. He clearly loves many of these characters, and understands what makes them resonate with the fans. He’s an expert at pulling on those emotional ties, and producing stories that give you the “feels”. I remember tearing up after reading his Teen Titans issue, focusing on Tim Drake, after Identity Crisis - it was the cathartic release I needed after the heaviness of that series.

On the other hand, when his stories service plot over character, we get shallow, forgettable events, full of “kewl” moments designed to distract us noticing when characters are sacrificed (often literally) to the whims of editorial fancy. I’m thinking Infinite Crisis here, as the most obvious example.

I think that’s why I like Geoff’s runs on solo titles a whole lot more than his team books. He gets to do those character pieces a lot more often.

Geoff’s Green Lantern run is a great example of what I’m talking about here. Up to the end of Sinestro Corps War, it was one of my favourite titles, despite my having little affection for Hal Jordan. Afterwards, it became a book about the different coloured corps and setting the scene for Blackest Night; I rapidly lost interest at that point.



I think that you have pretty much encapsulated everything I feel about Geoff Johns’ work and why I seem to like his earlier work a lot more.


Solicitations for July 2017 (w/ Previews Text)

You mean he’s just adding smiley face buttons to the finished art? :confused:


Oh dear, I’ve just taken a closer look at the art. This is very disappointing.


This is clearly meant to be “Legion 66” (makes sense), set some time between Adventure #346 (introduction of Ferro Lad) and Adventure #351 (Lightning Lad gets his real arm regrown).

So why is Shadow Lass there? Introduced in Adventure #365 (1968).

Sprock it DC, can’t you get anything right? :anguished: :angry:


Well, the TV series did run from January 12, 1966 – March 14, 1968.

Close enough for government work…


Yes, but if it’s supposed to be Legion '68, Lightning Lad wouldn’t have a bionic arm! It’s all wrong!


That’s not even the worst of it!

That’s clearly meant to be painted chalk on Batman’s mask as opposed to a stick of chalk - but the paint didn’t become commonplace until the eighties!

What is this shit??


Now you’re just being silly :expressionless:


Also, Batman lives 100 years before the Legion, so they shouldn’t even be together.