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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


That looks like the greatest comic in the history of ever.


DC Super Hero Girls writer Shea Fontana and DC Comics Bombshells artist Mirka Andolfo has been tapped as DC’s new Wonder Woman creative team, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The duo are scheduled to debut July 12’s Wonder Woman #26, with Fontana contracted to write five issues and Andolfo to draw the first two.


I have been reading DC Super Hero Girls (with my daughter) and Fontana has a nice light touch. She writes a good Wonder Woman in that book so I expect her to do well with this. Even if it will probably require a little more depth than those books.


I don’t know about those books because I don’t read them - but I can see the sales numbers suffering big time on that creative team announcement.

Wonder Woman has never really been an easy sell in my whole time reading comics, I think she has her die hard fans but generally speaking I would suggest a long of people are buying this book for Rucka, Scott and Sharp and there’s going to be a big drop off given they replacements are relatively unknown (and untested on the main line of books).


It’s tricky, they are tasked with replacing some pretty A-list creators and yes there will be a drop off. I can’t comment on the replacements as I have never read anything from them before but DC have to hope the end product is enough they create their own buzz. After all the big name creators all started in obscurity at some point.

I don’t know how many other options they have as Rucka said he was only going back to DC for WW so they can’t swap writers around on books, they have to bring in a new one.




The new creative team is interim. 5 issue run.

I’m sure they’re trying to get a bigger name for the next one.


Could be, or the short contracts are a conservative approach to see if it works. 5 months is just about the right time they can hedge their bets, and none of this is a surprise to DC. Rucka said from the off he’d do a year and Scott would do like 6 issues or whatever and that’s exactly what has happened.

Edit: Actually I take that first bit back, with double shipping 5 issues isn’t enough. They’d barely get any sales figures in, if at all.


Yeah, I think it’s really just there to give them time to set up the next run and get ahead on it.

I’d be very shocked if Bliquis Evely isn’t the regular front woman on the artistic front, for example. Her stuff is gorgeous, universally praised, the next chris samnee, and the editorial staff knows that.

There’s some traction it could be Simone. I’m still thinking Bennett. Still hoping Valentine. Still wondering if it could be someone from a bit out of left; Fraction + DeConnick or something.


Wonder Woman? I bet it’s Jeph Loeb and Rob Liefeld.


I would gladly pick that book up. :smiley:


Jeph Loeb used to be great but his latest output has been that of a person whose work I don’t appreciate.


He needs to go back to DC for a little bit. His work was always better when he was making the jump every 4 to 5 years. I understand why he doesn’t because of what he’s able to do at Marvel now.


For @Lorcan_Nagle, you have to have Pat Lee on covers.


That’s “Superstar artist” Pat Lee! I’ll Kill you! I’ll kill all of you! Especially those of you who post at Millarworld.


Some months ago, Tom King announced that he was doing a 12 issue series with Mitch Gerards that would be a follow up on Vision and Omega Men…

Now he started to tease this project, and it’s pretty much confirmed to be New Gods.


Orion by Mitch Gerads. Amazing.


SOLD! Take my money!


I’ve been waiting for King to do something cosmic and bonkers.

My only dilemma is whether to buy it day-of or to wait for a hardcover.


This is great. He was talking about this upcoming project on 11 o’clock comics a few months back and I’m sure Vince B was hoping it would be New Gods.

I’m definitely in for this one.

It does look unlikely then that he’s going to be doing LoS, or at least any time soon.

I hope that means Johns has held LoS back for himself.