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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


He’s been tweeting about it for a while, and recently posted the opening paragraph to the finished scirpt he sent to Jock. So it should be returning however long it takes them to get enough issues in the can to begin – maybe 4-6 months?


Probably October. Late October.



Which has really suffered the last few years, the way it’s going no one’s going to care about it and that’d be tragic.


Loving those costumes in the Deathstroke image


They should have just made Wonder Woman monthly.

Anyway, I don’t know what Gail Simone is up to, but I think she is the only worthy replacement I can think of.


I did think of Simone earlier actually


Mike and Lee Allred are doing a Batman '66/Legion Of Superheroes crossover.

Is @davidm blackmailing DC editorial or something?


That depends.

I mean, is it “blackmail” to threaten to release photos showing Jim Lee and Dan Didio in compromising positions with each other if they don’t greenlight a Batman '66/Legion of Superheroes crossover by Mike and Lee Allred?

Is that “blackmail”, @DaveWallace ?


Talking of Jim Lee, I just saw this cool cover:


Oh, is that a “cool cover”, Dave?

Is that what a “cool” “cover” is?


Actually that is a cool cover.


I just thought I’d mention it in case no-one had seen it yet.


Is Allred doing the art? If so, I’m so there.


Wow… that’s like… :open_mouth:


It looks like it’s a digital-only (or at least digital-first) comic.


They normally get collected into trades though, don’t they?


All the Batman '66 stuff so far has been collected so I think it’s pretty safe to say there’ll be a trade.


Reminds me of this old beauty


This, you mean?