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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Nah. They’ll just mess it up like they did after Azzarello :wink:


Oh yeah, I pity the poor bastard who has to follow this run!

And yeah, there is Vik’s cynical but possibly accurate quip too.


Well, aren’t you the optimist!


The main Lazarus series is taking a 6 month hiatus. There will be a miniseries by Rucka with other writers and artists to fill the gap and fleshing out some of the other characters.


Thanks, hadn’t heard that but, as I follow it in OHC, I don’t really keep an eye on it.


I believe the hiatus miniseries is call Lazarus X+66.


Ah, hence the ref above, wasn’t quite sure what to make of that. Wonder how it’ll be collected?

Well, kind of an academic Q, I’ll find out sooner or later!


Who have they got of Rucka’s calibre to follow him? Snyder, maybe? Scott’s long said he’s got a WW run he wants to do. Fully prepared to eat my words here, but anyone else is going to be a tough sell.

On the positive side of things I can’t see them making as epic a failure as they did following Azzarello. That was just mental.


Could be Snyder actually. He’s due to hit an ongoing again.

I’d suggest trying to get Morrison in for a big run, but I don’t think that’s what Rebirth ongoings need - although I’m sure if he wanted to he could settle for solid and steady rather than shaking things up.

Whoever it is needs to build on what Rucka has laid out.


I feel like Snyder is probably full up with Wytches coming back, All Star Batman, and Metal. Plus he’s always got AmVamp boiling in the back, right?

He’s said he won’t do twice monthly.

So where does that leave us? I’m betting the previous WW choice, Bennett, is going to get it. She probably already has her pitch worked up, her star has grown, and WW is currently edited by the Bat office, who are editing her on Batwoman. She’s young and hungry enough to take on the work, too.

I’d, personally, like to see it taken on by Genevieve Valentine.


No offence to either but I think both Bennett and Valentine are a ticket to plummeting sales and a move back to monthly shipping.


Animosity seems to be doing well, Batwoman launched alright…

It’s true that in terms of name they don’t really have it, but when something is working really well, people respond to it, I’m convinced. Like Hickman on Fantastic Four, or Bru + Fraction on Iron Fist.

The goal of comics should be putting out such great books that they turn the collaborators INTO names, in my opinion.

For me, Valentine’s work is certainly up there.


The draw for Wonder Woman was the team, and not the character. With Rucka going, I’m out.


Each to their own, but I think to compare Valentine to Brubaker, Fraction or Hickman is a big stretch - their breakthrough work was far stronger and there was more of it. I don’t think there’s the same potential.


Same here I’m afraid. Unless the draw matches up, which Valentine & Bennett don’t come close to for me personally.


I hadn’t heard this. Any idea when it will be returning?


It was announced a couple months ago I believe but I don’t remember if they included a start date.


He literally just tweeted about it:


Valentine’s Catwoman was as good as Brubaker’s for me (though didn’t have the super-star in the making artists)


Cool! Thank you.