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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


You sir, have no idea how hard the hit my wallet will take after I order that OHC of Superman when that becomes available. So looking forward to it.


Batman #16 - 20 - “I Am Bane” - I’ve been so-so on King’s Batman run to date, but I enjoyed this unequivocally.

The diner scene in #16 was perfect, and it was great to see “the boys” collectively saying what I was earlier - Bane wouldn’t have stood a chance against a united Bat-Team. Of course, though, Bruce sent them away regardless :roll_eyes: King’s banter here was almost Tynion-esque, which was great to see.

The escalating tension in #17 was palpable, with a fantastic cliffhanger ending.

.#18’s “compare & contrast” was a tad annoying, as a long time Bat-fan; but again, another sighting of the Bat-Man-With-A-Plan saved the day.

.#19 was a fun reversal of the original Knightfall epic.

Leading up to #20 and the epic smack down. It went pretty much the way you saw it going; Bane pretty much destroyed Bats, until a lucky shot at the end turned the tide. However, what I did really like about this issue was the use of Bruce’s mother as the narrator. It added a lot of context not just to this issue, but also the two arcs preceding it.

Word of warning: the story doesn’t really end though. King appears to have ran out of space, and I suspect the “Aftermath” issues coming up after the Flash crossover are going to be essential reading.

Artistically, David Finch truly owned this arc. I haven’t been the biggest fan of his artwork on Batman over the last few years, but it was a perfect fit for this storyline. Maybe it was Trevor Scott on inks adding greater texture; maybe it was the subject matter. I don’t know, but I can’t imagine this arc having been drawn by anyone else.


Superman #20: This right here, gentlemen. Page of the week. Probably month? We’ll see.



I feel like Batman is missing out on a lot of great food.


Yeah that was great. I liked the page before with Lois ruining the boys fun. I’m loving the Jon and Damien friendship. It’s definitely one of the best things to come from Rebirth.


That is brilliant.


Love this DKIII #9 variant cover by Quitely.



Wait a minute.

Are you telling me that…

There are DC comics without Batman?


Seriously though, I think that list is missing Omega Men. And I’d put Sinestro Corps War instead of Flash Rebirth and Blackest Night instead of Darkseid War.


Titans #7 - Lee Weeks’ art; “my” Superman vs “my” Flash. What’s not to love?


I think Abnett really gets the Titans and their history. He is doing a great job on that book




Thanks for sharing, but that is fucking soul destroying.

I don’t know how they are going to replace him. That’s a damn shame, but the fact that we got 25 issues out of him I guess we need to be happy with.



I’m not surprised by the news because that’s how Rucka pitched it a year ago, they’d do a 24-issue run and that’s it.

That it happens to be a set of issues with Sharpe and Scott as artists was a massive bonus.

That and this ending means more Black Magick, Stumptown and Lazarus. Two of those I love, the other I know I will like. (Black Magick.)


I the latest Previews, I saw a solicitation for Black Magick.


When you put it that way…

Although DC is going to need to pull a rabbit out the hat for the replacement here…