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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here



So, just read Wonder Woman: The Lies.

Damn, it was excellent. Sharp’s art is superb and Rucka’s script is very, very sharp.

It’s also quite smart in the way Rucka has decided to do continuity splicing but does everything he can, very successfully, to misdirect the reader away from that. It’s a good way of seeking to restore much of what Azzarello and Chiang hanged without taking a dump on their run.

The usual suspects will doubtless whine - and probably already have - about Rucka’s SJW angle but sadly, the reality is there’s no shortage of men like Cadulo in the world. The book’s better for attacking those people head-on.

I’ll be looking forward to the second half of this story in August.


You are back in my good books




After not enjoying Deathstroke, I mean (for avoidance of doubt!)


I hated Rucka’s Wonder Woman. Where does that put me? :wink:


[quote=“RonnieM, post:1334, topic:6952”]
I hated Rucka’s Wonder Woman. Where does that put me? :wink:
[/quote]Probably in Chris’ version of Fin Fang Foom’s pants.

Oh I got the joke, but also decided to deploy one of my own.

In other news, for the bargain price of £9.25 each, I have copies of Superman Rebirth Volume 1 and Batman Rebirth Volume 1 ordered. Admittedly, this cover for Superman Rebirth Volume 2 was influential in my buying the first one:

One thing that both the Deathstroke and Wonder Woman trades had in common is they were good quality. Not top-of-the-line by any means, but a damn sight better than the dreck Marvel puts out and more on a par with Image. Thus, another reason to reward DC with a couple more sales.


The Superman Rebirth stuff is solid. Did you order the TPB or the hardcover?


TPB. I’ve decided to reward DC for putting out decent quality paperbacks.


Oh dear dear dear dear dear


Ok, that’s… That’s not good.

Way too conciliatory.

We got minutes to close the blast doors.


Althoufh I’ve read digitally, I’m thinking Superman might need double dipped on if they are nice quality books…I fancy keeping this on the shelf for my kids when they are old enough


Well, in that case, keep your eye on FP.

They’ve a 40% off time-limited offer on the deluxe Action Comics OHC, due July and it’s good odds they’ll do the same for Superman OHC due Aug / Sept.

Cost goes down to £19.19 + £1 postage.

(I’ve decided I have to cut my OHC buying, that and paperbacks distribute the cost over a wider timespan.)


Same here. I’ve strongly considered picking up the OHC when they come out.



Man, this is beautiful.

Patrick Gleason has truly done the best modern redesign of Superman’s suit. And all it took was only one belt.


And to think we once had to tolerate this :slight_smile:



Goes to show you don’t need to reinvent the wheel with these things. A few tweaks here and there are more than enough.


Man, Batman and Superman really look like they’re about to start making out in that picture.