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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Way has a big fanbase outside the normal audience and I’d suspect that’ll translate to quite a few sales in the book market. So I’d think Doom Patrol is safe from that respect. The question would more be on the rest of the line.

We’ll have to see how that pans out with the Wildstorm relaunch too, how many will pick up the books not written by Ellis.


Anyone any ideas what is happening with Milestone 2.0?

Not heard anything in a while on that note.

I’m assuming everything is still amicable, with Priest and Cowan both doing work for DC at the moment.


I’m hoping it’s just coming later, but I definitely haven’t heard anything in a long time.


It’s been delayed due to issues with DC.


Batman #9 - 13 - “I Am Suicide” - was a significant improvement over the previous story arc. Much closer to the Batman I like (the master planner who is always a step ahead of you) than super action hero Batman. Janin’s a great artist too, displaying some fantastic storytelling skills throughout the arc.

The Catwoman murder spree seems a little out of character, but it works in context. The infamous suicide attempt also seems like a logical addition to the lore.

In fact, the only thing I didn’t like was #10, and Batman’s initial assault on Santa Prisca. The constant narrative repetition, the back breaking, Bruce “fixing” himself. It all stretched credability somewhat. Am I missing something? Was something more clever happening here?


I think King was attempting to get inside Batman’s head, his obsessiveness, his single-mindedness, which is a King trademark, digging into character motivations and such, which we saw wonderfully illustrated with the suicide revelation later. Too often fans just kind of accept Batman as being able to do everything just because, and he comes off as too cool for the room, which is never really true to the character. This is a guy who both needs other people, wants other people, but is also really good at alienating other people. All that is directly reflected in the “I am Suicide” arc, how it develops. King set out from the start to deconstruct the myth and make Batman real again, but at the same time justify the myth. It’s complicated storytelling, smarter than most fans are used to, but also mesmerizing. Kind of like Batman. As Batman storytelling should be.


The narrative repetition has been one of my biggest gripes of the King run. The instance you mention was the one that I really thought was ridiculous. I was waiting for Batman to be a robot or a decoy or controlled by The Ventriloquist or something, because he sounded stupid repeating that one phrase over and over not to mention getting his back mulched . The Janin art sure did help though. It’s still my favourite arc so far, despite it frustrating quite a lot. I’m in for the long haul though, despite this take on Batman not really being one that I like. The cheeseburger thing from a later issue seems way off when you consider he travelled the world for a decade. Surely that would impact his mannerisms more than the bedside manners Alfred taught him as a difficult teen.


Me too. I thought it must be a robot or puppet or something similar too. I still can’t quite buy it being Bruce himself, all evidence to the contrary.


I really like Tom Kings writing, but his Batman run hasn’t clicked for me. Some interesting ideas, but there’s just something off in the execution. It’s possible it might read better once it’s finished and can be read knowing the bigger picture of the full arc.


I agree it hasn’t fully clicked, but it has had its moments.

Part of it for me is that Bane is just not terribly interesting. King has nicely fleshed out his backstory a little bit, but as an adult he’s just too one-note. I hope this arc is the last we see him.


So, read Deathstroke: Volume 1 trade tonight.

It was OK, but I can’t say it grabbed me. Nor did the fragmented style used work for me.

The bigger problem, however, is Wade Wilson may be a super-powered psychopath but he’s a very boring one. I’m not interested in the situation he finds himself in or how he gets out of it. I don’t care a whit about his equally psychopathic daughter nor Wintergreen. I don’t see what there is to attract me to this book save on a creator level but that’s not really enough for me to continue with it.


I think you mean Slade Wilson. :wink:


I think we’re in for some kind of cataclysmic apocalypse type event. I didn’t think Deathstroke was that good either. If I don’t like it you’re supposed to love it!


See, he’s so uninteresting I don’t even care about his name!


That’s a pity, I was hoping you’d dig it


I can see what it’s going for, art’s pretty good too - technically speaking, it’s a good book but clearly, not one for me.


Dark Nights: Metal is the name of the big DC event Snyder and Capullo are doing. It has Batman at the forefront but it’s going to be about the whole Justice League and encompass the entire DC cosmology. Dark Days: The Forge and Dark Days: The Casting are the lead-ups to the event. It’ll bring back some unexpected characters and introduce new ones.

According to Snyder, you shouldn’t be fooled by the name, it’s going to be fun and celebratory, not grim. He also says he’s had this story in mind for years and his Batman run has clues to it.

I’m not the biggest fan of Snyder’s Batman (at least after Court of Owls where his run started to have ups and downs for me), but consider me intrigued anyway, if only for the prospect of seeing a DC event written by someone other than Johns and Capullo drawing the DC pantheon.


You heard it here first, the coming to DC and reinvention of Metalpocalypse’s Dr Rockso.


For someone who is a bit fed up with events, I’m ironically really excited for the first big ‘event’ of this Reborn DC.
I just hope Snyder chills out on the number of words as his superhero stuff can sometimes move a bit too slowly because of his lack of economy with dialogue and narrative.


The link doesn’t show that Capullo image off in its full batcrap crazy glory: