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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


How many issues did you pick up?


Rebirth and 1-6 were the ones on sale. Don’t worry I have taken on board that it gets better as it goes along.


There was one issue in particular that really got me, I’m just trying to remember what number it was.

Edit - it was issue 6.


Kinda happy about this:


The ‘Young Animal’ Doom Patrol series has had its solicitations for issues after #6 cancelled, to be resolicited at a later date.

Gerard Way’s response:

[quote]I’ve heard some chatter but don’t worry Doom readers, the series is alive and well.

I’ll be talking about Doom Patrol and the rest of Young Animal all weekend at WonderCon.
We are going to take the time to tell the best stories. And, there are absolutely many more issues to come, as Nick and I have lots of plans. [/quote]


I nearly bailed on Suicide Squad, but I’ve kept steady and I’ll be cautiously optimistic by the current twist. Batman: “I Am Bane” has been amazing. King had a tough gig taking over a book universally praised for Scott Snyder. It’s kind of like going onstage after Metallica. Good luck widdat, you know? King’s been brave and I’ll stick with him for a while.


“I am Suicide” was great. Might be my favorite “Rebirth” story so far.



I agree. I just wish he went a different route for “I am Bane” than the preposterous removing of the Bat family. I’d love for just one story to show where Batman remembers his lesson from the previous story that he needs the Bat family. Or come up with an excuse for them to not be there like “they’re handling other missions right now” rather than “this is my fight and I must do it alone.” It’s old.


Yeah. For once it’d be great for someone to come after Batman, only for them to be faced with a united Bat-family and be sent packing pretty sharpish. That would be a nice change of pace. :grinning:


And even though it did recycle “Hush,” the Catwoman interlude was juicy.


I wonder what the sales are like of those books - I’ve dropped all 4 of them now after a interesting(ish) start.
They just seemed a bit too derivative of what they were trying to ape, having none of the originality that made the Morrison and Milligan books so special in the first place.


This new Batman makes Batman Inc. feel so long ago.


Thanks for the reminder, I know what I’m digging out tonight.


I kind of like the current version better in some ways. At some point Inc disappeared up its own arse really. For me at least.


Batman Inc having to conform to the New 52 undermined it severely.


This is probably relevant now because we were just talking about he book these last few days.

I’ve just read issue 17, the second and final part of the Darkest Knights story, and Green Lanterns is steadily moving closer to the top of my favourite DC books list.

It’s just a lot of fun. I’m impressed at how quickly Sam Humphries has made me so fond of Simon Baz & Jessica Cruz as Lanterns - both interesting takes.

I also love the art by Pansica. It’s quite inconsistent; but some of the pages are great - really expressive faces and dynamic body language in places. There’s also a page where they are at the top of a building with Batman and for some reason that I can’t figure out, but it really gave me the real sense of them being up high. Probably the camera angle he’s used.
Anyway, promising artist if he works at it.



Doom Patrol is around 26k, Shade the Changing Girl around 11k.

That’s a lot better than Vertigo are managing nowadays but they did have a lot of marketing push across the line.

I actually decided not to bother in the end, mainly for the same reasons. I may have been turned around by rave reviews but it’s all been pretty muted.


Doom Patrol is a decent number I suppose - although they are probably paying Way a decent amount for his work, so if that’s the only one doing relatively big figures then it might not be worth it

Wonder what the drop off was like after first couple issues.